Zhejiang money a new contract with a company for Mobile Games music lyrics oembios.bin

A new company and Zhejiang money Mobile Games music lyrics "night with rain flock to sign up for, like the edges of memory; solitude, guess Road, rugged flat; I hear the wind cry, dark sky, the rain falls down, sobbing lament; in this life, not for the sunshine after dark, willing to bury yourself in the dark; boldly forward, rain down, once engraved……" This is the first « blade » reproduction of the heroic King dash about in a battlefield which is full of poetic, majestic, extraordinary literary lyrics, from Zhejiang University of Finance and accounting 16 class four freshman Lin gentle hand. Just enter the campus of Zhejiang money and she has a business company signed long-term cooperation, mainly responsible for the glory of the king « » Tongren song, lyrics for cover and original songs. I love music lyrics in literary debut as the Accounting Institute of Zhejiang burning Lim Wan University of Finance and a freshman, neither professional nor professional music, literature was born. So how did she go on the road of music literature? Lin Wenwan said, his childhood love of literature and music, enjoy writing, a unique feeling of words, usually love reading all kinds of novel, free time will listen to antiquity, singing, or make some posters, occasionally play a game. The most is the beginning of a friend with her contact with the lyrics, he is planning a song at that time. " because my friend is not very satisfied with the original version of the lyrics, I asked if I could work with him to do a new version of the lyrics. Later I was purely by virtue of their own understanding of the creation of the lyrics. Although the level is limited, to write the first edition of the lyrics is not very satisfactory, but this experience has aroused my strong interest in the lyrics. " she recalls. Then Lim Wan bumps along the way, is the lyrics of the circle, more and more people contact, write the word more and more, usually often see some of the other lyrics works gradually to lyrics or wise remark of an experienced person, have a more thorough understanding. For Mobile Games music lyrics of rough creation course "during the summer vacation I joined a radio drama circle, mainly to the original or cover song lyrics, lyrics, and then I met a plan to do intermediary, contact this business company for long-term cooperation, each word fifty yuan." She said, "I was in contact with the king of glory « » the Mobile Games after the different characters is very interested in, feel very interesting, then I search the Internet all kinds of information I object creation, including the official video, character introduction, skills, background, and the history of the relationship character interpretation, then has a more comprehensive understanding of the character, he began to write words to each hero, in the process of creation and I will add some of their own ideas." However, the whole process is not easy, often encounter all kinds of difficulties. For example, the lyrics about neat structure, but also need to consider the rhyme, so the lyrics will sometimes stuck in the process. In addition;相关的主题文章: