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Yinchuan Tourism Association and the official authority of the official decoupling – tourism Channel original title: Yinchuan Tourism Association formally decoupled from the executive authorities in August 30th, the Yinchuan Tourism Association held the third session of the general assembly. This session of the reform of the Yinchuan tourism association management system, to achieve the decoupling of the association and the administrative organs, so that it truly become a service provider, reflecting the demands of the main norms of behavior. At the meeting, Ningxia Shuidonggou Tourism Development Co., Ltd. chairman Wang Yawei was elected as the third president of the council. It is reported that after decoupling a new session of the tourism association to build Yinchuan into Ningxia global tourism core area as the goal, the development of structure according to the two axis "space," noted, prominent Muslim customs, the ancient capital of Xixia, Helan mountain legend "and" the Great Wall culture "," the Yellow River culture "cultural tourism the characteristics, and strive to build Yinchuan into the" Silk Road international tourism destination city". At the same time, the Yinchuan City Tourism Association and the establishment of the ornamental stone association, tourism branch, branch and Wine tourism tourism delicacy 4 branch in the original 3 branch, the 7 branch of the Yinchuan "eat, live, travel, shopping and entertainment and other comprehensive coverage, but also in the" move closer to the new essential factors of tourism development, business, leisure, culture, emotion, Qi "as the representative of the. The establishment of the branch, is the Yinchuan tourism transformation from "tourist attractions" to "global travel". In the meeting, the Yinchuan Municipal Tourism Bureau sports official said, the global tourism is an important task of the current and future periods as well as the city of Yinchuan tourism work. Tourism Association to undertake the social responsibility actively, to mobilize the National Tourism Industry Association and the member forces, promote from the tourist attractions in Yinchuan city to model the global tourism model change, and the full implementation of the "Travel +", carry out cooperation in various fields, seek win-win development. (reporter Bao Shuling) (commissioning editor: Zhao Peng (Intern), Qin Jing)相关的主题文章: