Yang Yongxin Internet addiction center bill charges 50 million unprovoked exposure lightscape

Yang Yongxin exposure: Internet addiction center bill Yang Yongxin recently groundless charges 50 million Internet addiction center and a great event, there are users and internal staff broke the news, Yang Yongxin and his addiction rehab center has all sorts of excuses, mandatory fees! The fee charged for this unprovoked, unexpectedly reached a staggering 50 million! The following text: Thank you very much for micro-blog users from a network ring center staff @ wow. I’m in a lot of people displaced my identity be suspicious when he announced the initiative to come out in the Linyi network ring center to write the "dry" (later deleted), confirmed from the side of my identity, thank you very much. I saw an article yesterday, wow man changed, presumably identity, so thank you again for your help. In which I saw a very interesting data. Since you are the center of the network staff, you must be sure that this data is a positive attitude, but also true, which I also announced that the Linyi Network Center bill. This is a picture of me in Linyi to learn the collection details, the Ministry of Health issued three days down to check, bill, I feel shy, still, because there has been no evidence is not released. We can see the list of drugs, paroxetine hydrochloride 4.10 yuan, 4.03 yuan Tandospirone Citrate Capsules, Aniracetam Capsules (1.55 yuan for memory loss in the elderly, parents say memory is this.) Hospital examination fee 3 yuan, 2 nursing 6 yuan, every day, the medical system and I also do not understand, but there is a genius on the third floor three times (three times the nurse medicine). Common bed costs 30 yuan, accompanying chair rental fee of $5. A family of 35 yuan a day, a four room 140 yuan a day, a small six 210 yuan a day, well, is the level of Fasthotel. Psychological treatment 64 yuan, here refers to the psychological classroom, but also a fixed fee, every day. 100 people, is 6400 yuan, you have to remember @ wow man I had a class, the class fee to your satisfaction? Here comes the main event, cognitive behavioral therapy is 80 yuan, electrotherapy, is you did wrong, you didn’t treat this treatment are money today. "Treatment" at least not to lose money, not "treatment" of money is what reason? Send the bill a few days all the same, just change the date, the daily fee of 197.68, the first bill can also see has a total of 16601 yuan for medical expenses, but the distance I discharged and nearly a month’s time, I am a student was discharged after school, which I remember very clearly. In the network call center, all the way to advance the use of the cost, the balance is not enough to prompt you to recharge, and these bills are also at the time when the city leaders to check the documents issued by surprise, is not usually. Rather than the details, personally think it is a kind of forced to explain charges. Then return to the previous article: if the charges at the time of the document, "treatment" of the use of such a low frequency, then the daily fee of up to 80 yuan? Total charge 198 yuan per day.相关的主题文章: