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The national day of Xi’an increased nearly thousands of temporary parking spaces   high-speed road slightly injured in fast pay – Shaanxi Channel – people.com.cn original title: Xi’an national day by nearly thousands of temporary parking spaces slightly injured in the high-speed road traffic police directing traffic fast pay holidays. Data figure tomorrow (October 1st) is the National Day holiday, some people choose to travel, plus a small passenger free highway tolls, the travel of the masses of strong will, traffic surge, traffic safety and traffic congestion risk. To this end, the Xi’an traffic police department set up nearly a thousand temporary parking spaces, and linkage with the insurance company, to carry out quick injury injured people fast. Cancel the drum on both sides of the ground parking lot located near thousands of temporary parking free is a difficult problem that the majority of drivers friends headache, Xi’an police to strengthen cooperation with the parking lot, parking lot surrounding announced Hui Fang (Library) and 5100 parking spaces, parking lot entrance to ensure smooth. Especially the road does not affect the traffic road set thousands of free temporary parking in Lianhu road and Qiaozi mouth, sweet Wells Street, visitors can park here, but no double parked disorder. At the same time, Xi’an police will also cancel the tower on both sides of the ground parking lot, and according to the change of West Street traffic and traffic conditions, take timely control measures, temporary closure or intermittent release Gulou underground parking lot and Parkson parking lot waiting for parking, improve the traffic capacity of bell tower to Guangji street. Timely implementation of the temporary traffic control Luantingluanfang governance chaos stall according to the flow and the flow of people, the timely implementation of the temporary traffic control at the Xihua Gate Street and the intersection of society, to prevent serious traffic congestion around beiyuanmen. Visitors to the area to see the play back to square before the road, a reasonable choice of travel mode, parking parking directly to the self driving tourists visit. Traffic police department will strengthen cooperation with the public security departments, timely control of large passenger flow, passenger flow. Combined with the West Street CMC, governance Jeeves vendors. Cooperation with the Tourism Bureau to guide the tourist bus peripheral parking. Along with the Urban Management Bureau along the illegal parking. Joint enforcement with the traffic bureau to combat illegal operations. High speed road accidents fast fast lose slightly wounded into the scope of treatment is also associated with the insurance company launched the Xi’an traffic police highway traffic accident fast fast lose work, since 2014, major holidays to strengthen the linkage with the insurance company in the area of Xi’an, Qujiang Beltway service area, service area, Seoul Lianhuo Expressway West set up fast service some Western Han Jing Kun speed section flood yukou Baqiao toll station and toll station section. In the event of a minor traffic accident, traffic police to ensure timely removal of the scene, fast processing, quick claims, reduce congestion and secondary accidents caused by minor accidents. After two years of cooperation and improvement, the rapid increase in traffic accidents during the festival fast odds, despite the increasing number of vehicles, traffic flow continues to increase, Xi’an’s highway traffic conditions remain good. This year National Day, Xi’an high-speed traffic police and insurance companies in the 4 traffic accident fast at the point of service networking office, in accepting the traffic accident occurred in Xi’an area based on high speed, will also slightly injured accident into the fast)相关的主题文章: