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Haze at midnight to inform the public Tucao no limit line buffer time – Sohu news Xi’an haze pollution reduction office issued a warning notice of the time in Xi’an for November 2nd. In November 3rd 22:54, the Xi’an traffic management department issued the limit line notice, the implementation of the next day. Official website screenshot yesterday, there is a violation of the provisions of the provisions of the car owners stopped by traffic police. For respondents figure yesterday, had never been implemented traffic restriction policy in Xi’an, many vehicle owners violations on the road was stopped. 3, 2009, 6 minutes, the local release of fog and haze limit line notice, from the beginning of the implementation of the day, the number of motor vehicles on the tail of the limit of 4 and 9 on the road on. Many local people Tucao, less than 2 hours between the release and implementation of the policy, there is no room for buffer". In this regard, the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Control Department staff responded that, after receipt of the notification is released as soon as possible, "there is not a reasonable place, but will still be punished according to the law on illegal owners." Line of vehicles on the road was stopped 3 night, a Xi’an implementation of motor vehicle limit line management, the news spread in the network. Sources said that from 4 onwards will be implemented in the city heavily polluted weather vehicle ban, limit line management, on the same day, the license plate number is 4 and the number of motor vehicles on the road will be limited to 9 on. Xi’an owners Ms. Huo saw the limit line of the message on the Internet, is the 3 on the night of 11, so the emergency order limit so she was thought to be rumor. She said that their license plate number in the limit line, the day did not drive. The 4 day early in the morning, near the ring road, Xi’an, there are more than the number of cars on the tail is 4 or 9 of the car was stopped. Which she finds "true limit order", "but why would the late release, the implementation of the next day?" She doesn’t understand the traffic control department of the practice. Xi’an owners Liu Chen (a pseudonym) told reporters that he was informed of the news on the morning of 4, there are a lot of the day on the line of the owner of the car on the road. This is the first time in Xi’an in the true sense of the limit line, should give the owner a certain buffer time." The limit before two hours notice of the Beijing News reporter found that 3, 22 6, the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment administrative micro-blog issued "on the heavy pollution weather in our city during the implementation of vehicle restriction management notice emergency response" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), the city of Xi’an in 3, issued a re start pollution weather III level emergency response, decided in 4, heavy pollution weather, no motor vehicle limit line management in the administrative area of the city. According to the announcement, during the emergency response in the heavy pollution weather grade, the daily limit line two tail number limit line, according to the calendar date of the limit line tail number corresponding to the number of combinations. As of November 4th, as the motor vehicle tail number limit line 4 and 9; the holidays are not restricted; emergency response during the vehicle ban, limit line measures to lift, relegation or promotion matters further notice. In violation of the provisions of this announcement, the city public security departments in accordance with relevant laws and regulations shall be corrected and punished. At 22:54 on the same day, the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau official website also announced this announcement. At the same time, from the beginning of the limit line "4 days" only an hour. According to local media reports, in September this year, the Xi’an municipal government issued the "heavy pollution weather emergency plan (Revised Draft)" pointed out that the相关的主题文章: