Wuhan campus charge parking lot parking fee payment of millions of years in the new network – a myst tamiflu

Wuhan campus charge parking lot parking fee payment of millions of years – a mystery Beijing – reporter Liu Zhiyue reporter He Zhengxin intern newspaper in July this year, Wuhan suffered heavy rains caused by road traffic disruption, a private car owners through the campus, but the fee practices widely questioned. Subsequently, the Hubei Provincial Bureau of price intervention, and emergency stop charges (newspaper August 24th view version has been reported). Even Japan, "Legal Daily" reporter depth survey found that due to the colleges and universities in Wuhan did not establish the corresponding parking facilities, access control system becomes a toll – gate built campus identifies the toll booth, campus turned charge parking lot, and the millions of Yuan parking fee payments are a mystery. People questioned the campus charge parking lot in early May of this year, Wuhan owners told the "Legal Daily" reporters reflect that the drive into from the Luo Yu Road, the north gate of Huazhong Normal University, from the school from Xiongchu Avenue not far from the school gate exit, charged 3 yuan parking fees. According to regulations, social vehicles in and out of the campus within half an hour can be free. Similarly, Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other colleges and universities in China to implement the same charges. Wuhan colleges and universities to collect parking fees, is approved by the Hubei provincial price bureau. 2011, Wuhan University was approved by the Hubei Provincial Price Bureau, Wuhan became the first pilot campus parking policy of colleges and universities. One year after the expiration of the trial, Hubei Province Price Bureau will put forward to Wuhan University within 30 minutes free to meet with the door and out the provisions of written approval documents. In June 2015, 8 colleges and universities in Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan University of Technology and other new parking fees in Hubei Province Price Bureau approval documents (Hubei uniform price letter 2015 No. 56), "the same import statement disappeared, new regulations since June 10th of that year onwards. "Hubei motor vehicle parking management services implementation details" clear: "motor vehicle parking fees" refers to the vehicle parked in order to provide space and related services and fees; hospitals, universities and other internal parking lot, its operating costs constitute, facilities maintenance fees, management fees, taxes, and press non profit, lower than the social parking lot charging standards and principles formulated. Legal Daily reporter visited several universities in Wuhan found that there is no college for the construction of social vehicles parking spaces or designated parking area. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the law of the people’s Republic of China, the relevant departments shall, in the formulation of government guidance prices and government pricing, conduct price and cost investigations and listen to the opinions of consumers, operators and other relevant parties. How to make the policy of Wuhan University parking fees? Hubei Province Price Bureau official said, the implementation of approved parking policy, not only for practical needs to ease the city parking problem, but also the need to strengthen traffic management to maintain the safety of teachers and students, through extensive investigation and listen to the views of all parties. The charges have been publicized on the Internet, all the documents are in the record room, see the need to write an application, very troublesome." Above Hubei.相关的主题文章: