Would like to ask Carina Lau, we are here, is actually a beautiful leg to come to the bar, puritans pride

"We would like to ask Carina Lau Joe Chen to the" is actually "legs to" Thank God it "s lead: Saturday! Don’t know the girl in party, there is no joy in the aftertaste last night funny, "we have come to the"? Barbara sister but whistling a little breeze, one of the goddesses (large white legs) never forget it! (source: bazaar) goddesses seize the summer tail to leg dew enough for us sister Ka-ling clothing has always been A+ level. White legs colorful sportswear with Ka-ling’s sister, sister Barbara still feel the summer! Who says the elegant beauty must be equipped with dress, look at our sister iris will know. Legs do not lose the delicate texture of the sisters, presumably privately taught to the sisters a lot of maintenance experience. We Karen sexy Karen Mok, wearing sportswear added a heroic spirit. In the face of the challenge of running on the edge of the tower, legs female Wang Xiuxiu legs, not afraid! Shake the gold tree supermodel Xi Mengyao’s legs but Xiaoming walk ""! This is not the make-up on the bed put a pose, no PS legs also let Barbara sister envy, jealousy, hate (up)! Don’t look at Joe Chen in the program inside the funny funny, this one dress with classical hot legs, but can not hide the skill funny, she still cannot hide forever! Full of collagen Xu Jiao little sister, age is the largest capital. It is said that usually just to the legs of the beauty of the lazy beauty of the legs, skin is also more serious than the maintenance of the Ka-ling sister white so a lost it! (SH!) Look at the side of the YY side of the goddess while still hot day stovepipe legs we don’t hide their girl watching variety when you do not look at the legs YY Oh, watching the drama side leg is the "right to open the way we come". Follow the step by step ‘sister together, each movement 25 times. Not only is hip stovepipe oh! Step1 sister to leave the favorite chair! Keep your body straight and keep your head, hips and heels on the same horizontal line. Pay attention to your knees! Step2 akimbo, single leg standing straight, another leg on tiptoe, with 180 degree swivel circle. Keep your upper body upright! Step3 body continues to maintain Step2 stance, single leg alternating forward and backward direction. Step4 body bent kneeling on the mat, 90 degrees to keep one leg, the other leg with the thigh and hip power circle. Tight lines are not doing leg Miss off white skin queen can not leg exfoliating to Daddy Long Legs "wear a skin" beauty Yan leg accumulation of old waste horny leg, uneven skin queen’s first leg but the enemy! Two times a week to go to the nursing care of the legs to the skin of the leg in a long time, white and clean state. Choose a smooth body scrub body smooth legs can be polished. Do not forget to use the moisturizing lotion to protect your big white legs! Legs can be white legs can be fine, there is no trace of the legs sometimes accidentally left mosquitoes!相关的主题文章: