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Interior-Decorating Interior design just isn’t complete without addressing the windows. Window treatments give your room that finished look that designers are famous for. Dont neglect to buy window coverings as a part of your design plan. They not only enhance the beauty of a room, but also provide the practical elements of privacy, light control, and energy conservation. Though many people choose a neutral theme for window covering, viewing them as an investment, there are definite window treatment trends in today’s design world. It seems like design is making a turn toward a simpler approach to window treatment trends. Simple fitted shades have become much more prevalent than intricate drapery. However, when you buy window coverings that are shades, you have a wide variety of options for texture, colors, mechanism, and design sensibilities. Shades can be luxurious or minimalistic, depending on the materials chosen. Here are five of the top trends in the industry right now. Tip #1: Go back to nature. Bringing the outdoors in is a big trend in all of design. Window treatment trends in this vein of thought have switched from framing the view to actual earthy material choices. Woven wood shades and bamboo accessories are very hot right now. When you buy window coverings to fit, make sure your measurements are exact so you get the most privacy and light control possible. Tip #2: Go green. The ‘green’ or environmentally friendly movement in building in design is not going anywhere soon. Today’s environmentally conscious companies offer non-toxic materials and dyes as well as shades, such as honeycomb designs, that are superior at energy conservation. Tip #3: Go indulgent. Luxury fabrics and trims on a swag or roman shade design can make a room feel richer and cozier. Brocades, velvets, silks, and even leather and fur, are used to boost window design. Bold and bright patterns are not off limits when you buy window coverings anymore. However, they should be balanced with a more simplistic shade design. Tip #4: Go pay attention to detail. Window treatment trends are following the fashion industry. Trims and finish details are important. Detailed ribbon shade trim, edging, or tasseled or beaded pulls are all very popular. Tip # 5: Go for high-tech luxuries. The mechanics of shades and blinds are not limited to manual operation these days. Window coverings can be controlled at the push of a button on a remote control or even from a smart phone app, no matter if you are at home or miles away. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: