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Marketing Online video advertising is not a very new phenomenon. But when it first became possible for advertisers to run Internet-based video ads, there were very few takers for it. The last few years have, however, seen a dramatic shift in that trend: with more and more people turning to online video advertising. What we will be interested in finding out are the reasons for the shift towards greater preference for video advertising, on the part of advertisers and also on the part of online content publishers (on whose platforms these online video ads are run). Before we venture to explore the reasons as to why more and more people are turning to video advertising, we may briefly mention something with regard to the workings of the video advertising we are talking about. That is where video advertising would turn out to be an advertising system where advertising messages are packed into video clips (rather than audio clips or text snippets as is the case with traditional advertising). These are then inserted into web pages, where some run spontaneously once the pages load, with some only running upon prompting by the visitors to the web pages on which they are present. Now there are several reasons as to why more and more people are turning to the said online video advertising. Firstly, it is .ing to many people’s realization that online video advertising is much more effective than most traditional approaches to advertising. Advertising, at its core, is all about .municating: passing along a persuasive message to the target audience. Now it emerges that the more the sensory levels at which you can convey that persuasive message, the greater its potential for receptivity would be. Once you have .e to appreciate that fact, and once you appreciate the fact that video advertising makes for both audio and visual stimulation (unlike the other traditional advertising which tended to provide only one level of stimulation), it be.es clear that video advertising would have grater potential for receptivity. In simple terms, people are more likely to get persuaded by a message whose essence they both hear and see. And in terms of objective results, people have seen a trend where conversion rates from online video advertising tend to be much higher than those associated with traditional online advertising. Further, it is .ing to many people’s realization that the way people interact with the web is changing – especially in a situation where more and more people are turning to the Internet for entertainment, rather than in search of information. When a person is getting online for advertisement, and you target them with a text-only advert, you are not really likely to obtain appreciable results (as it will be very hard to convince them to digress from their search for entertainment into clicking text adverts, which would amount to a search for information). The emergence of centralized mechanisms for running the online video ads (which conveniently bring together the ad owners and publishers) has also been greatly helpful. Previously, people looking to run the video ads would have had to directly get in touch with the online platform/website owners on whose sites they were interested in running the ads, and trying to plead with them for a chance to do that. Nowadays, we have ‘networks’ handling all those logistical issues, so that you just sign up with them, select websites where you want your ads running, and they handle everything from there. That attracts people who were previously interested in running the video ads, but who were turned off by the logistical .plexities of the whole thing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: