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Anti-Aging Heres the deal The first indication that a person is aging is the loss of hormones in his / her body. You do not see it at first. It is happening inside, lurking about, waiting for the reproductive passage of who you are to end. It is almost as if the hormones have grown impatient, sitting inside, tapping their knuckles, and waiting to .plete their job so they can take time off once and for all. Once that happens, the disaster inside you starts to begin. Hormonal loss is a very difficult passage of time for everyone. At forty years old or earlier, you will start to notice either a small weight gain or a huge amount of weight gain. A lot of women who .e to me report going up as much as two dress sizes! Your bleeding cycle be.es irregular. What was once like clockwork now appears seemingly whenever it wants. Sometimes you skip a month or two. You bodys rhythm and natural cycles begins to grow haywire. Hot flashes .e on without warning. Suddenly heat rises up in you that is like nothing else you have ever experienced. Sound Sleep which at one point of time was something that you took for granted, something you did not even think about unless you were suffering from insomnia be.es erratic. Amazingly you now get into bed and pray for a full night of undisturbed sleep. By the way mood swings are also predominant in your life something which your near and dear ones and friends are slowly and grudgingly beginning to accept. But the physical signs are the ones that most alarm us. We can visibly see hormonal decline in the mirror in front of us. If you have one of those magnifying mirrors, which most of us do by the way, we begin to see the lines and wrinkles, and the skin on the neck and body be.es looser, less firm and tighter. As we get older, changes in cellular behavior lead to changes in hormone levels that cause the skin to be.e thinner and lose its elasticity. The barrier function of the skin, which retains moisture, also be.es less than effective, making your skin drier and scalier. If you are at any age below 40 Heres the plain truth and you better swallow it now: Sooner or later, you are going to start experiencing all of the above symptoms. It is a fact of life all women and men go through hormonal decline as they age. This is a part of nature. They can also be considered as you bodys way of talking to you. Disregarding these symptoms cause them to get worse with every passing year. With each hot flash or night sweat, your body is actually screaming for you to do something. The good news is that in the modern world you can do something about it. You do not have to suffer in silence like your mother or grandmother. To enjoy a full and satisfying life, hormones must be replaced, but only with bioidentical hormones. As I will explain, there are different ways to take them, but taking bioidentical hormones is absolutely not negotiable. There is no other or better way to replace hormones and nothing else that your body will respond to like bioidenticals. Because the body recognizes them, it does not reject them. Quite the oppositeit wel.es them Note: Feel free to republish this article on your own blog or website but please copy paste the below Author Credits and include it at the bottom of your post or page. Thank you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: