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What Wenjue awards exhibition will be invited to the 12 young artists debut by Hunan and the national art anticipated permanent color? 2016 what Wenjue National Young Artist Award Exhibition "will be held on November 20, 2016 (Sunday) morning at 9:58 in the wo art gallery opened?. This contest, the organizing committee will lock eyes in January 1, 1980 after the birth of the young artists, collection of works include painting, sculpture and so on, there will be 12 artists in this exhibition debut. Posters of the activities of the mind is to find more potential young artists, in order to provide fresh blood for a contemporary art. The first prize and the exhibitions by Hunan Yongcai culture art limited company chairman, entrepreneur Mr. Aman Chang, Hunan artist Mr. He Wenjue to build a joint venture, two Hunan fellow in different fields, Hunan people to own enthusiasm, jointly completed the Hunan cultural brand activities. At the same time, vigorously support the contest also won the Hunan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Hunan Provincial Department of culture, Hunan Province Federation of literary and art circles, Changsha municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Changsha Guangxin, Changsha City Federation of literary and art circles. It is reported that the event will serve as a symbol of Hunan youth culture exhibition activities, held annually, in order to inject more vitality into the Chinese contemporary art. The work of this exhibition shows the creativity and artistic pursuit of this generation of young people. "Skin" 180X220cm canvas 2016 artist Su Zhe works eye-catching works reflect the rich taste of magic realism. Color dark, thick, composition full of tension, contradiction, or even images by artists be a wild legend fusion in a picture. The audience at the first glance, it is the unique temperament made up in the picture, if you want to escape from, must be in this dramatic scene with the vision of a deal. The leopard, woman, ballet, eagle, strange sculpture, towering workers, together with a synthesis in aesthetics is complete, the art field in psychology and reduced to fragments. The present work is philosophy of realism, but show temperament is not equivalent to the traditional realistic works, his work seems to indicate a new prospect of realistic painting. "That year, my father ‘s aloe is dead" 150X230cm 2016 oil painting artist, face is their instinct, it is reflected in a series of external things you feel. So, if you simply let you do a feeling on the expression system of their own, or the artist will choose strong expressiveness, even more abstract expression, because the "feeling" itself is mysterious. The works of Huang Ziyi, a female artist, can be seen between the abstract and the concrete, and it can be seen that the artist is not bound by the character and the life traces of freedom. Works "that year, my father ‘s aloe is dead", has a strong literary and metaphor, the works reveal the psychology characteristics, dark colors and a general pattern will be created "plants" emotional, personification, the artist can say Museum相关的主题文章: