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Interior-Decorating Congratulations! Youve made a wise decision to improve the exterior of your home by having siding installed. Of course, the first step in the siding installation process is having a .pany representative .e to your home to discuss your various siding options and provide an estimate detailing how much time and money the job will entail. Ruben Jeruco, the owner of Jeruco Exteriors, has a dedicated vice president of Customer Relations named John Lennon (no, not that John Lennon) whose job is to personally consult with new customers and provide estimates based on their specifications. According to Jeruco and Lennon, the more questions you ask during your estimate, the more likely you are to .e away satisfied with the overall process. The following are important questions to ask before you sign on the dotted line. Are you licensed and insured? Many customers fail to recognize the importance of using a licensed and insured contractor. If the .pany in question is not properly insured and one of its workers gets injured over the course of the job, then you, the homeowner, are legally responsible. Furthermore, if any damage occurs to your property while the work is being done, then you wont see a dime from the .pany if it doesnt have the right insurance. When it .es to siding installation, a lot of financial liability is at stake. So choosing a .pany that isnt licensed and insured is a truly bad idea. In fact, its a good idea to ask the estimator to thoroughly review the .panys insurance policy with you so that there are no surprises in the event of an unforeseen accident. How long will the job take? Every estimator will agree that this is certainly a fair question. But be wary of those whose claims are too good to be true. Your estimator should give you a base timeline for the .pletion of the installation, as well as a rundown of the various factors that could contribute to a delay. How will the weather affect the progress of my job? By understanding how outdoor conditions can affect the progress of your siding installation, youll be better equipped to expect and subsequently deal with delays. Inclement weather is only a problem under certain circumstances. Your estimator should be able to evaluate your specific situation and advise you as to how the weather might factor into timeliness. Do you have references? Most estimators will show up with a portfolio highlighting the .panys most successful siding projects, but this is not enough. A good .pany will also have its estimator .e equipped with a list of references, including names, addresses, and phone numbers of previous customers. The best way to predict how your siding installation experience will play out is to talk to people who have already used the .pany in question. Lennon of Jeruco Exteriors always likes to remind potential customers not to just take his word on how good a job his .pany does, but to hear it directly from the lips of satisfied customers. Does the work .e with a warranty? A good siding .pany will stand behind the work it does. Some .panies offer limited warrantees on siding installation, while others like Jeruco Exteriors grant as much as a 20-year warranty. The longer the warranty, the more confidence a .pany has in its ability to produce quality work. You should also ask if the warranty at hand is transferable to a future owner in the event that you sell your house. Some .panies might sneak something into the fine print that voids your warranty once the house is sold, but a transferable warranty can be a selling point if you put your house on the market. Can I get a discount in exchange for flexibility? If youre not in a hurry to have your siding installed and dont mind a bout of extended upheaval, then you might be able to negotiate a better price in exchange for your flexibility on a finish date. Many homeowners are hesitant to suggest this sort of arrangement during an estimate, and foolishly so. According to Ruben Jeruco, when it .es to pricing, it never hurts to ask for a break. Remember, its the estimators job to walk you through all of your options and answer any questions that you might have about the installation process. Siding is a major home improvement, and a potentially costly one at that. But with the right information, youll be able to make a wise, informed decision that will result in a beautiful exterior for your home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: