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UnCategorized One of the most note-worthy yet controversial aspects to look into while selecting a web-hosting service is the uptime guarantee. In basic terms uptime guarantee is the amount of time during which your website (built on the web-space bought from the service provider) stays online or is accessible to public. Most web-hosting services provide uptime figures and might even promise to provide .pensation if they cannot reach their targets. So, if a service provider says that they will provide 99.9% uptime guarantee it does not mean that your site will be up and running 99.9% of the time. Rather this marks as the upper limit to their uptime guarantee. They would try to achieve 99.9% uptime and these figures are used as benchmarks for .parison between providers. At myhosting for example, the network and hosting infrastructure have been designed our to be both highly available and fully redundant. All of the equipment is housed in a state-of-the-art Switch and Data datacenter. With the latest and greatest in physical and network security measures, in a fully redundant environment, a hosting client can rest assured that data is kept safe. On the outside a 99.5% uptime claim can look quite decent and even great. But here are a few calculations to ponder upon. In a month of 30 days that has 30 multiplied by 24 multiplied by 60=43200 minutes, a 0.5% downtime relates to 216 minutes. 99.9% relates to 43.2 minutes, 99.99% to 4.32 minutes and 99.999% to 0.432 minutes. Now this type of data is of variable importance to different end users. To a normal web user, this is quite minimal and of no importance. But to a professional, to whom every second counts, this can be worth a lot. Most customers are satisfied with whatever services they are provided and do not even notice the downtime. On the whole, a 95% uptime guarantee is quite acceptable, and it is also quite achievable. Keep in mind that the policy of the web-hosting service generally does not provide any .pensation for cases like natural disasters, or virus attacks on the server. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: