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What are some of the people who are on the "blacklist" of tourism? – tourism Channel original title: those who travel on the blacklist of people affected? National Tourism Administration, 9, announced the case of uncivilized tourism from the 2 cases, will be included in the record of the uncivilized behavior of tourists in two tourists. The "Interim Measures" uncivilized behavior records management implementation has been more than 18 months, in the meantime, the revised version of "National Tourism Administration on Tourism uncivilized behavior records management Interim Measures" issued, there are 24 people on the list of "black list". In February this year, the civil aviation passenger version of the Civil Aviation Association promulgated by the blacklist began to implement, so far 15 people on the list. Xinhua viewpoint reporter survey found that the punishment of tourism uncivilized behavior has become a social consensus, but because of the lack of perfect and effective collection, identification and punishment mechanism, the local tourism industry or the "black list" of most of the people did not receive a punishment, the actual punishment restricted ". Part of the local version of the blacklist long-term open roof, multi sectoral joint punishment difficult to implement the 2016 eleven golden week before the release of the local version of Beijing tourism blacklist system. China Aviation Association and some provinces and cities have been the introduction of tourism uncivilized behavior records related management practices. However, the reporter found in Beijing, Anhui, Heilongjiang and other places, these blacklist system in the collection, identification, disciplinary mechanisms are generally inadequate. Reporter survey found that the National Tourism Administration on Tourism uncivilized behavior records management Interim Measures is not clear tourism uncivilized behavior acquisition channels, only to investigate and verify the responsibility of the main body to be clear. In some places, the "black list" record of the long "open window": the first half of 2016, Anhui Province, Hefei City Tourism Bureau of Tourism Quality Supervision "black list", said to Hefei tourists uncivilized behavior information collection, verification, collection, publishing arrangements. But the reporter tracking found that publicity of the "black list" has no record of uncivilized tourists. One of the central provinces tourism administration supervision department responsible person said, the local competent department of tourism is often passive in response to some exposure by the media, large typical case, in terms of establishing and perfecting the local tourism "blacklist" system of enthusiasm is not high. At the same time, blacklist identified boundaries blurred. In September, the Beijing Fangshan post brush guaishishan 13 landscape stone was red paint graffiti explosion network, after the parties apologized and promised to remove. The local tourism department official response by guaishishan has not been developed for the area, and the sincere apology, decided not to be included in the "blacklist" management. And after the Mid Autumn Festival in the National Tourism Administration announced 5 typical cases results, three induced cheat tourists consumption or abusive tourists, stress tourists consumption guide, corresponding punishment by law has not been included in the "black list", and in February this year, Beijing tourist guide is included in. 7 years experience in the Harbin tour guide Lin Jialiang believes that the establishment of a "blacklist" is a good starting point, but that mechanism is not perfect, let the public think "who is caught", its sustainability and credibility greatly reduced. Reporter survey found that the blacklist joint punishment difficult to implement. Set up in the "black list"相关的主题文章: