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West Qinling Mountains high speed rail tunnels all through the end of next year is expected to – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Xi’an on September 12th news (reporter Liu Tao) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" reported today (12) morning, the Qinling Mountains Chengdu high-speed railway tunnel in Xi’an officially opened, marking the West into a high-speed rail Qinling Mountains all through the tunnel group. After the end of 2017 into the West high-speed rail, Xi’an to Chengdu only about 3 hours. Qinling Mountains tunnel is located at the junction of Xi’an city and Ankang City, Ningshan County, with a total length of 14.84 km, with an average elevation of 1300-2638 meters, is the entire length of second meters, the highest elevation of the tunnel. The environment here is covered with mountains, ravines, vegetation is lush. The whole terrain is a tunnel through the area from west to East, North gentle slope in the south, has 70 kilometers of 20 per thousand of the continuous ramp up, this is the longest in the national high-speed rail line ramp. Because the tunnel crossing area is located in the Qinling Mountains fold belt, the geological structure is very complex, and the groundwater is very rich. The water tunnel area are perennial water and more water, resulting in the construction of these sections produced water more, and prone to collapse and deformation, so the construction units in the construction of tunnel deformation observation and surface strengthening, close monitoring of water leakage phenomenon, a series of security measures at the same time to ensure stable the construction of the. From the west to the Shaanxi section of high-speed Qinling Mountains tunnel group situation, involving a total of 20 tunnels, 19 of which had been with Qinling Mountains through smoothly through the tunnel, the Qinling Mountains tunnel group construction has been officially ending, the West into a high-speed rail across Qinling Mountains. From the beginning of the first month, West into the Shaanxi section of high-speed rail track construction officially started, is expected to complete in the territory of Shaanxi rail line before the end of March 2017 laying work. In addition, the West into the high-speed rail Sichuan section of the project has been completed more than 8 into, therefore, the West into high-speed rail across the board to ensure that the end of next year on time.相关的主题文章: