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Customer Service You can use customer service as an effective method to distinguish them from the competition. In fact, customer service is one of the strengths of small businesses, and if it highlights can compete with larger companies that are able to offer more variety, lower prices and additional benefits that you can afford. However, many small businesses fall short in the category of customer service. Why? One reason is ignorance. There are many examples of good customer service to serve as models for your business. To ensure that the customer service your company is of superb quality, find out what competitors are doing, imitate it or get over it. Read books or listen to audio tapes of people who have analyzed the companies inspired by customer service and see what lessons can be drawn from these giants. Successful entrepreneurs always keep trying to improve business aspects. Meanwhile, here are five maxims to help you get your small business status to provide the best possible customer service. 1) Apologize, do not argue If a customer has a problem, apologize and correct the problem. Let customers expel their accusations, even if you are tempted to interrupt and correct them. Then return your money, give them a new or whatever is necessary to solve the problem. Bargaining discussions or because of ill-will generate a refund. Correct mistakes immediately. Keep in mind that a complaint about your company an opportunity to transform the situation and create a loyal customer. Naturally, some customers will too excessive claims to satisfy. If that happens, put the greatest care to offer an attractive alternative to moderate. 2) Ask for feedback, not to lose direction Ask your customers rate their service regularly. This can be done using a brief questionnaire contained with each product sold or mailed to major customers. Make the questionnaire is short so you do not find it hard to answer, and make sure that customers know they can refuse to participate. Always tell customers that the objective of the survey is to serve them better. If they complete the survey and have no problems, will serve as a reminder about the good service it offers. If problems arise, they can be treated. 3) Be flexible Must be flexible while dealing with consumers or customers, where flexibility means getting information for his client, but not in the area of expertise. 4) Always say "yes" This does not mean giving up your personal will on behalf of the client, but that means finding a way to help meet customer requests. Always saying yes means that using the words "this is not possible" is banned in your company and you can not afford to use them. It sounds little expensive and inconvenient, but after analysis you will find it less expensive than losing a customer. You require spending much money and time to attract a new customer. 5) Promise little, deliver much Make your customers believe they are important to you, always giving the impression of making an extra effort and ensure a small periphery of spare time on his deadlines and deliver early. ..gbsonline.co.in About the Author: 相关的主题文章: