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Wang Wenjun case: after the dust settles what surfaced? Sohu news this afternoon, Shanxi Province, Taiyuan City Intermediate People’s court pronounced the verdict of Taiyuan Municipal People’s Procuratorate accused the defendant Wang Wen Jun guilty of intentional assault, the crime of breach of privilege, the defendant Guo Tiewei guilty of the crime of breach of privilege, the defendant was guilty of intentional injury crime waves. The winter storm in 2014, the rest drawn on the gavel sounded the moment. Shanxi Province, Taiyuan City Intermediate People’s Court of first instance finds that the defendant Wang Wenjun guilty of negligence causing death and sentenced to four years imprisonment, criminal crime of breach of privilege, sentenced in two years and two months, decided to implement five years in prison. From the incident to sentencing today, the past two years, many times are no longer Zhou Xiuyun and Wang Wenjun two people, two things. Confused, Changan Jun (changan-j) would like to sort out three problems: first, the network voice of a voice said: "the man was good, so alive by the police kill, who can calm? I do not silence, because the future of their own or their families that day, do not want to face the silence of most people!" Like everyone else, Changan Jun (changan-j) has sympathy for the dead Zhou Xiuyun. Another voice said: "if the law enforcement accident is severely punished, the police group will be completely cold heart. After the 110 call, no matter how big talk is good, do not get involved, the accident had to carry their own." The language sounded a little emotional, but to understand how difficult it is to the police law enforcement environment, also inevitably sigh. There are some people who have been full of prejudice against the police. But see the police law enforcement and the parties quarrel, pushing, disputes, indiscriminately, they can draw a conclusion of the police. ". There are people, after seeing Zhou Xiuyun’s experience, will produce a sense of substitution, if one day, this kind of thing will happen to me? They began to pay attention to the case, and even began to be full of resentment against the police involved. So, the public opinion field appeared two extreme voices: some people shout "shot evil police", "sentenced him to death"; some people say that "the police law enforcement is innocent, rational". And these two with their own position and emotional point of view, in this case, so many people lost objective. Changan Jun want to say is that after a variety of emotional catharsis, calm down, it is time to return to the most important value of the case. Two, the spirit of the law is to respect the law, respect for the court’s decision. This judgment, even with their own position and expectations gap, if it can be respected and accepted by the vast majority of people, is the spirit of the rule of law and progress of a victory. Is to achieve the rule of law on the road, we want to achieve the goal. The law as a belief, is out of the case, we pursue the value of. As Rousseau said: "the most important laws of all laws, not carved in marble, nor engraved on the copper table, but engraved in the hearts of citizens." Always adhere to the use of the rule of law and the rule of law to solve the problem, the decision, to do. When it is clear.相关的主题文章: