Vintage Mens Waitcoats-reshacker

Fashion-Style They are often the most fashionable item in men’s suits but they’re seen more rarely now that more casual dressing is accepted in business and a waistcoat seems a step too far. However the waistcoat is not the spare part it might have been in the past. It is now used as the part of a suit that creates an impression or at least as something rather more stylish than was originally intended. Remember there is a useful purpose for the waistcoat as a replacement for a jacket during the summer or for those who like to get the jacket off but can’t be seen to be too casual. It was not so long ago that our daily exposure to waistcoats would be limited to hotel porters, ticket collectors on trains and characters in historical TV programmes. They have always been, for some reason, the garment of choice for jugglers, card sharks, conjurors and members of Status Quo. The types of people who wore a waistcoat in the professional context, under suit, would probably be been viewed as too formal and maybe even stuffy for everyday business. It was a bit like wearing a flashy bow tie and demanding attention before it was earned. But somewhere along the line things changed. Waistcoats suddenly became quite fashionable. When you look at the design of a waistcoat, it is actually quite .plex and certainly very stylish, just the right length to give even a stocky male figure the impression of slimness. With its sleeveless design, a waistcoat is also .fortable and cool to wear. And there’s no shortage of fabrics and styling options to choose from, from dark, serious colours to bright and cheerful tones and all the tweeds and pinstripes in between. After the men had shown the way in waistcoat fashion and the beauty of the look, it was never going to be long before the ladies .mandeered them and filled them with their own figures and, annoyingly for the gents, actually looked pretty good. But despite this flirtation with the opposite sex, the waistcoat remains a gentleman’s garment that gives men the chance to experiment with some design in a world too often dictated to by conformity. And because it’s a fashion item that has plenty of past and variation associated with it, the place to look might not be your local menswear store but at a vintage clothing store, many of which can be found online or on the high streets of our towns and cities. These days a waistcoat can be worn with many garment .binations, although if you really do want to avoid the seventies rocker look look, it’s best worn with smarter hairstyles, maybe even a hat, and some modern accoutrements like a man bag or a courier bag will divert the look from the Hells Angels festival circa 1978. If you’re going to add a little theatre, the chain watch will do the tick (sorry), but again, it will be the other elements of the look that will stop you entering post-war day wear or Dickensian territory. And tee-shirts are probably a no-no with the waistcoat, although some styles can be made to work; best stick with a long-sleeved shirt though. So once you’ve .mandeered your vest back off your better half, spend a little time in front of the mirror, accessorise a little, and you’ll end up with a swagger like you’ve just stepped off the set of The Sting. Vintage waistcoats are cheap, stylish and look great – easy fashion at a snip. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: