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Unmanned time gambling! Sohu technology embrace technology idealists, that unmanned or automatic driving times, most of us are still in a fluffy rumbling coming. In the eyes of the Conservatives, driverless cars are not only involved in the problem of high cost of technology, as well as ethical torture, is blowing a big cowhide, there is a long distance from the real business. So in the end a wide range of innovative technology business, faster or slower than we expected? In the open before, let us remember the following fact: in theory as long as it is in 2014 September after the factory Tesla Modle S, can be upgraded by remote firmware, with automatic driving function (because the vehicle has a built-in remote radar, front camera head, 12 ultrasonic sensors). Tesla must admire open to ordinary users to try the automatic driving courage, breaking the world needs so bold. Although this year has been driving a number of single driving accident, but this will only make Tesla’s Autopilot technology in hardware and software becomes better and better. June 2015, Google only two from scratch design and development of unmanned prototype car on the road test. At present, Google has 58 unmanned vehicle, the actual road test in California, Nevada and Dezhou allow automatic driving vehicle road test area, the total driving distance is nearly 3 million km. At present, the new generation of Mercedes Benz E class and Volvo S90, have been equipped with automatic driving assistance system. The former can not only with the maximum of 210km h speed with the front of the car, also has automatic overtaking function; within the 130 km hour automatic driving assistance, no need to follow the vehicle in front, as long as there is a clear road marking, can automatic acceleration and deceleration and modest turn; in August, Singapore nuTonomy company has opened to the general public to test their own research and development of unmanned taxi. Its test run vehicles include Renault Zoe and MITSUBISHI I – MiEV electric vehicles. R & D team for the installation of a number of sets of laser radar systems, including a laser radar installed on the roof, you can rotate 360 degrees, at any time to scan the surrounding environment. There are two cameras mounted on the dashboard to monitor obstacles and traffic lights. Although only 6 taxi testing, and is limited to less traffic in the industrial park. But nuTonomy is ambitious, plans to set up a team of unmanned vehicles covering Singapore in 2018. Test activities now, mainly for the collection of traffic data and passengers on the unmanned vehicle recommendations; Formula E electric car race FIA subordinates, driving the car race Roborace has been planned for the 2016-2017 season calendar introduced the world’s first unmanned. As the Formula E support events, the day before Roborace officially released its cool driverless car, the use of English stream相关的主题文章: