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Home-and-Family There is the traditional Easter egg hunt, the annual visit to the Easter Bunny and the much-awaited Easter Basket. When considering the traditions of Easter, sometimes you just want to break out of the mold and do something different. Consider finding unique Easter presents for the ones you love. Many times Easter baskets are filled with the usual chocolate rabbits and eggs, marshmallow shaped chicks, jellybeans and no less than one stuffed animal. How about doing something more distinctive this year instead of the same mundane basket? Maybe you could give something with great character that would show your exuberant personality. Here are some truly unique Easter present ideas you may want to consider: For Anyone…An Easter Basket Containing Homemade Cookie ‘Lollipops’ 1. Find a sugar cookie recipe and make your own cookies. There are great ones online if you don’t have an "old family recipe" available. 2. Using cookie cutters, cut out various shapes synonymous with Easter: bunnies, chicks, eggs, flowers, crosses. 3. Once your cookies are cut into the various shapes, place the sticks used for lollipops in the base of each cookie. 4. Bake the cookies according to the directions of the recipe you are using. 5. After the cookies are baked and have cooled down, taking the time to decorate them with sprinkles and icing makes them truly special. 6. Use a silk flower Styrofoam base to make your lollipop cookies stand straight up and cover the Styrofoam with colored Easter grass for a finished look. 7. Tying bows to the top of each basket with a color assigned to each person you’re giving a basket to makes giving them out a breeze. The individual receiving this basket, child or adult, will know that you took the time to create these deliciously decorated cookies and arranged them to be enjoyed before and during consumption. For Kids…A Real Flower Basket to Nurture A great gift for the children in your life is to let them create their own flower basket with items you provide. Supplies you will need: 1. A small basket shaped planter. 2. Enough planting soil to fill the basket shaped planter. 3. Packages of ornamental grass seeds. ‘Spikey Blue’ works well. 4. A small package of flower seeds. You can choose flower seeds according to their meaning. For example, a daisy means gentleness, loyal love and innocence. Put all the supplies into an Easter bag and enjoy the looks on their faces when they open up this truly unique Easter present. While they watch their baskets grow all spring long, they will think of you. For Adults…Unique Easter Gifts for All Time – Real Trees 1. A Rowan Tree (Mountain Ash) – This tree is the Celtic ‘Tree of Life,’ which makes it a perfect gift for Easter. 2. A Wild Cherry Tree – The wild cherry tree blossoms are one of the tell-tale signs that spring has arrived. 3. The Silver Birch Tree – This tree is renowned by the ancient Celts as the ‘Lady of the Woods.’ It has been said that this tree is a symbol of purification, fertility and birth. One of these trees would be a wonderful gift for a special friend or loved one to plant on their property. Every time they look at the tree, year after year, they’ll always be reminded of that special Easter when you gave them such a unique Easter gift. These Easter present ideas are definitely unique, thoughtful and fun. All of your Easter holidays will be unpredictable and fun when you give totally unique Easter presents like these. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: