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Reference-and-Education Years ago, babysitters in Los Angeles could be found as young as 13-years old, and many would entrust the safety and well being of their children to these older children. As evidence of the changing of the times we live in, it is very unlikely these days to find a babysitter under the age of 18. This is for a .bination of reasons, including anxieties of parents needing a babysitter, as well as the parents of the would-be babysitter. Even with the starting age of babysitters in Los Angeles rising significantly, there is still a plentiful number available for any given need: After school care. With the general population strongly rejecting the "latch key kids," after school babysitters in Los Angeles are in high demand. The times usually range from 1-3 hours needed of a babysitter, and request a healthy snack to be given, as well as helping a child with any homework they may have. Daytime care for sick children. As it is not always possible to call in sick to work to care for a sick child, babysitters in Los Angeles, who are willing to care for sick children are needed. These babysitters often have basic first aid skills, confidence in giving medication, and have the ability to read a thermometer. Also important is that a babysitter caring for sick children must not be so squeamish that they are not able to clean up after a child if they vomit. Because of these sought after features, this type of babysitting job often requires a slightly higher pay than normal. Overnight care. Although some parents prefer to hire a nanny if they are in need of overnight care, some are perfectly .fortable using babysitters in Los Angeles for the job. A babysitter willing to enter this type of care may be requested to oversee bathing and other hygiene prior to bedtime, and periodic checks to make sure a child is still in their bed through the night. These babysitters also generally have a bit higher rate, simply because of the time of day that is required for care. Since babysitters in Los Angeles are not usually on a set, weekly salary, keeping track of exact times is a must for proper .pensation. While the babysitter will nearly always keep their own records, parents should keep their own to .pare, in case of any discrepancy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: