Turkey, Shandong Province, the first day of the show, the next 20 minutes of the United Arab Emirate-candle june

Afternoon newspaper: Zhu Ting Turkey debut scored 20 points a new season fifteenth friendly lock Zhu Tingxin hall premiere 20 points friendly Zhu Tingxin arena debut 20 points against the Champions League 3-1 Keifer tile details > > soil giants Saturday local time with Keifer watts bank women’s volleyball Champions League last season saerma card jiaolei for a friendly match, winning 20 points to help the Zhu Ting watts Keifer bank 3-1 opponents, four innings score of 18-25, 25-18, 25-11 and 25-20.   U.S. media exposure of the United Arab Emirates to lock the new season, the Lakers understand the value of his fifteenth > according to the Lakers country reported that the Losangeles Lakers have been determined to enter the new season, Yi Jianlian, the National People’s Congress of the list of the top 15. The Lakers signed a contract with Yi Jianlian this summer, but he can get up to $8 million in the contract, which means some of his contracts are not guaranteed.   Manchester United will renew the contract for 4 years! Mourinho picked this left him details of > > Manchester United for a long time willing to lock Mata, apparently because of his outstanding performance this season. Today, Mata has been the core of Manchester United’s attack, but also an integral part of Mourinho’s tactics. In this case, the United contract Mata, seems to have been the logical thing.   Conti coup! Chelsea forced Abu to waste 2 giant Mourinho do not dare dare he details > > after coach Conti white, Chelsea did not seem to show signs of bottoming out quickly. And eager to open the situation in Conti, Chelsea, decided to conduct a deeper reform of the Chelsea. According to British media reports, Conti this time the knife, Chelsea will be the two most powerful man.   exposure Zal consider leaving Chelsea! Juventus won 60 million God exchange details > > weekend game on the national team, Chelsea ace, Zal represented Belgium scored a fantastic goal, such as a button like sweeping the civet agile goalkeeper, small angle angle to break away. This is a stop between a shot, as if we saw the former Premier League MVP came back, after last season’s turmoil and Chelsea, the king of the state of the breakthrough is slowly recovering.   85 million! J this summer to join Inter insurance Luo Jing Bao has abandoned his Zizou details > > according to Italy, "Milan sports newspaper" reported that Real Madrid this summer, once with inter J Lo transfer agreement, but because the player refused, this pile the price up to 85 million euros in the end could not become a reality.   over 1000 people will cheer Chinese fans: don’t let us down the details of > > yesterday, according to the China dragon fans will be introduced as a result of the visa and other reasons, the travelling fans and not so much before the away fans in korea. But with the local Chinese, there will still be more than 1000 fans cheering for the national football field in Tashkent. "I hope we don’t lose this time;相关的主题文章: