Tried to find these hidden in the alley Restaurant jessica rabbit

Tried to find these hidden in the alley restaurant Intro: most human organs are connected with vanity, especially the tongue and taste buds. (source: Enjoy Yaqu Author: Meng Huan) public concern number are cavity tune ", see more wonderful original content! Mensao personality or play at large the better to apprehend him, follow line promising or a small restaurant that low-key, casual, delicious, and environmental right, in the Empire really have to find the alley. Dian Dian Dian: do not have such a personality? Key words: hidden, without order if you pass behind the Dongcheng District alley generous — the Milky Way SOHO an ordinary Beijing alley, did not notice the No. 8 hospital has Yunnan dishes. Because the alley is the ordinary people living, there is no similar Nanluogu Lane, five camps that commercial characteristics of the alley. Yunnan Yunnan to guest alone and hide in the door, don’t hang a "sign" — no restaurant, no eye-catching signs, there is only "8" numbers just like watching with private. It looks like a private evening "number 8" last week, I searched the delicacy Raiders ahead, that "number 8" behind the door that has the guts to hidden but beautiful spot, and a friend opened the door very secret. Open the door and click into place, restaurant name inside the door wall, quiet courtyard clean fresh small courtyard, indoor and outdoor seating, as well as the roof and two rooms. The courtyard interior seated after the discovery of "personality", in addition to the entrance of the restaurant there is another "personality", that is not the traditional sense of the menu, only three of the price of the package can be selected, 128 yuan, 198 yuan and 298 yuan per person, the price difference is mainly in the set of fungi in different varieties. The amount of almost all. That is to say, before serving the guests did not know that they will have to eat what. We chose the middle price, 198 yuan a package. Quite looking forward to, then a copy of the waiter put the dishes here, feeling with the Japanese cuisine that small dishes almost from the dish, soup to entrees, desserts, each of the dishes are a small, visually and traditional Yunnan dishes are not the same, an improved version of Yunnan cuisine. Left: Citronella fish right: Pastry wild mushroom soup once started serving speed quickly, quickly set up, soon filled a table. Look at every little piece of cake, everyone to eat up too much to eat, because too many. A deep impression of the dish:? Sour Shrimp: sour very appetizing? Citronella grilled fish: large amount of rich flesh, to sprinkle with lemon juice to taste authentic? Meringue wild mushroom soup: Boletus, matsutake and tiger palm fungus simmer soup, by soaking baked pastry, can be completely put the smell of all bacteria absorbed, taste rich sense. Buyi, flower? Steamed Rice pot noodle and homemade yogurt is said to be adjusted according to the guest Yunnan Yunnan package dishes seasonal changes, about one or two months to launch a number of new dishes, dishes and dishes with traditional reputation.相关的主题文章: