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Vacation-Rentals For those who are not familiar hiking is simply the activity of walking long distances usually traversing rocky terrain whilst taking in beauty spots and often quite breathtaking views. But why go on treks in Bhutan I hear you ask when you can do the same thing much closer to home? The answer is quite simple. Mystery. Bhutan itself is still one of those rare parts of the world not fully consumed by western influence. It is one of those places in the world that many people do not even know of and so this helps explain the mystery and beauty that surrounds this fascinating country. Heritage and culture is prevalent in Bhutan and all it offers. From the many festivals and festivities on offer to the tours that are not trekking. Bhutan offers something for all holidaymakers but, if you really are in to treks then going on a Bhutan trek is definitely for you and Bhutan comes highly recommended as one of those lost destinations when it comes to hiking. The kind of destination you never thought actually existed until you found it and experienced it for yourself. Many people who participate in Bhutan treks are left blown away by the beauty of the countryside and the landscape and views. Many find that Bhutan offers a challenging hiking experience but also offers a culturally rich experience too. Bhutan itself is rather small and sparsely populated but you will be made to feel more than welcome as the native Bhutanese love to be happy and free and their love and zest for life can be quite contagious and many people simply have to go back after their first visit. You may find it hard to find a tour operator to take you to Bhutan and this is only because the location itself is rather remote and, due to the small size, is not the most popular holiday destination just yet. But this is slowly changing as more and more people get to hear and experience Bhutan for themselves. If you want great treks and a remote location to do them in then Bhutan could be the ideal location for you. Suffice to say the more people that get to know about Bhutan through its superb treks and trails the more people will be better off because of it. So word of mouth of the superb Bhutan treks on offer and experiences will really help Bhutan get on the map, so to speak, as a popular holiday destination. As it stands, for those who want peace and quiet and also want to do some hiking too then Bhutan is also the ideal place to choose to accomplish this. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: