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TOP TEN REGENT SUPPORT SERVICES Regent University provides an array of college support services designed to help every student get the most from their experience at Regent University. International Student Services Diversity is the spice of life and an important element of the culture at Regent University. The Office of International Student Services is committed to serve our international students as they adjust to campus life. We invite you to immerse yourself in the specialized activities, services and programs weve created. Our annual celebration of International Education Week is a true world-class event celebrating international education and a cultural exchange between the 300 students who represent more than 60 nations at Regent University. Monthly Newsletters and Special Immigration Information Sessions provide timely information and reminders to help you maintain lawful immigration statuses. Find a complete list of services offered through the Office of International Student Services. Military Support Whether youre active-duty military personnel, a reservist, guardsman or a veteran, Regent University offers you a wealth of assistance as you pursue your degree. We offer military tuition discounts, honor VA benefits, participate in the Post-9/11 GI Bills Yellow Ribbon program and offer military students the option of eight-week accelerated degree sessions. Learn how Regent Universitys membership in the Service Members Opportunity Colleges Consortium (SOC) benefits you. See a detailed overview of military benefits at Regent University. Campus Ministries You were born to worship! When you attend Regent University, youll find a variety of worship and ministry opportunities, each designed to enrich your life and nurture your spirit. Students, faculty and staff come together every Wednesday at noon for University Chapel. Thursday evenings offer unChapel, a less-formal, student-led, student-inspired evening worship service. LIFE Groups are small community groups that encourage, build and celebrate relationships. And for students seeking a meaningful experience and the opportunity to make a difference over spring break, Operation Blessing travels to a major urban center each year to provide assistance to those who are less fortunate. Get started on your path to fulfillment through Regent University Campus Ministries. Home School Support Regent University is an excellent choice for students who are coming from a home-school environment. We recognize the benefits of home schooling and will help you make the transition to university life a rewarding one. In addition, if youre a member of the Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) or the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), you may be eligible for a 25% tuition discount upon your enrollment at Regent University. Learn more about how Regent University recognizes excellence in home school education. Personal Development Regent University can provide you with much more than a degree. Its our hope that when you graduate, you leave confident in yourself as a masterpiece of God. As part of our commitment to your personal growth, weve created the Center for Student Development. Here, youll find on-campus student workshops and online training resources designed to assist with spiritual formation, relationship building, life skills, career development and much more. There are also more than 40 chartered student organizations, each of which provides opportunities to get involved, grow personally and spiritually, and build lifelong friendships. Get a complete list of student organizations at Regent University. Research and Learning Assistance As you work toward earning your college degree at Regent University, youll need access to a world of information beyond your textbooks. The Regent University Library offers reference works, access to information databases, e-books and other items youll need as your pursue your scholastic goals. To help you pursue your spiritual and career goals, look to the Regent University Center for Student Development (CSD). Here well help you build personal skills that range from resume writing to speed reading. Check out our CSD workshop calendar dates to get started on the path to refining Gods masterpiece in you. Find a complete list of resources available through the Regent University library. Discover the services available to you through the Center for Student Development. Career Development We know that when you graduate Regent University, youll have completed the coursework necessary to compete in the job market. But we also want to ensure that youve developed and honed the skills necessary shine throughout your career. Regent Universitys Center for Student Development (CSD) Job and Career Training can help you set yourself apart from the crowd through a thorough process that covers everything from career planning to writing your resume and cover letter, interviewing and networking. Start training for your career at the Job and Career Training center. Develop professional skills that you can use throughout your career. Master time-tested public speaking skills. Law Student Resources Students enrolled in the Regent University School of Law have access to an outstanding faculty and a wealth of online resources. Whether youre pursuing your Juris Doctor or LL.M. in American Legal Studies, youll find that Regent offers everything you need to balance a challenging course load with a rich student life. Regent also takes pride in the fact that 85% of our graduates pass the Virginia Bar on their first try. Learn more about student life in the Regent University School of Law. 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