Too Much Volume From Your Car Audio System Can Cause Hearing

In the last twenty years or so, with the invention of stereos with a high volume capacity and Mp3 players, one of the side effects or regular uses at a high volume is short term and long term hearing problems. Although listening to music itself in the car at an ordinary level cannot damage your hearing, listening to very loud music in a confined space such as a car can have effects upon your hearing. Consequences start from temporary hearing loss to serious symptoms such as tinnitus, which leaves you with a constant ringing in the ear, despite the fact that there is no related sound. This is often caused by ear infections or noise related hearing loss. The ringing or whooshing in the ear experienced by tinnitus sufferers is a phantom sound and is often of a frequency, which the ear has lost due to noise related hearing loss. Tinnitus is a very serious condition and can be permanent if an individual continues to expose themselves to those damaging conditions. Sadly for most, there is no way to cure it, only to deal with some of the symptoms. It is re.mended that rather than treat it, you take precautionary methods, so that it does not occur. Prolonged exposure to sound levels, around 70 db and upwards, can cause permanent damage to your hearing, so avoid listening to loud music on a regular basis. Make sure you take care of your ears by keeping them clean and using ear plugs or muffs around high levels of sound wherever possible. With cities getting louder due to the sounds of traffic and workmen, its not easy to avoid loud noises. Thus when in the quite of your own home or car, its vital that you allow you hearing to rest from the loud noises of everyday life. So avoid loud music and sitting near loud speakers at concerts, gigs or clubs. In your car audio system, keep the noise down to a good level. Make sure you have a good car stereo with an amp and subwoofer, which works well at average sound. Many music listeners, because of distortion in their car audio system, turn up the sound so they can hear the music over the distortion; however, this is obviously not the best idea for your hearing. Instead buying a system that is clear and without distortion will enable you to get clear music at low volumes. This can usually be achieved by buying a good car CD mp3 player, amplifier and subwoofer (which are used for increasing quality of output as well as volume). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: