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Tokyo MITSUBISHI: the Fed is still the dominant dollar key U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrant remittance network February 6th news: Tokyo MITSUBISHI analyst pointed out that the leading industry of the United States recession unless dramatic changes of the Fed’s monetary policy, or in the Hawk dove the dispute will still dominate the U.S. dollar in 2016. Over the past 2013-2015 years, the Fed has been raising interest rates in anticipation of a rebound in the dollar. While ensuring the stability of the policy, the Fed will pay more attention to how to adjust the timetable of interest rate hike to meet the psychological expectations of the market. On the other side, the European Central Bank has signaled that it is ready to push more easing in March. The Bank of Japan has become the Fifth Central Bank in the world to implement negative interest rates, and suggests that interest rates will continue to be cut down if necessary. The bank also explained that only the dollar upward momentum may not be as strong as in 2015, the main reason lies in the Fed’s interest rate hike is not as ideal. Last year the December FOMC meeting, the Fed decided to raise interest rates for the first time after a lapse of 9 years, and high-profile claims in a statement after the plan will raise interest rates four times in 2016. Now, although the situation may not be like the federal funds rate futures data implied that this year interest rates hopeless, but the Fed’s original plan to achieve the goal, I am afraid that it is not too realistic. The bigger possibility is the two or three rate hike this year, as well as the global economic growth and the price of crude oil. Editor in chief: Guo Mingyu SF008

东京三菱:美联储仍是主导美元走势的关键 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   汇通网2月6日讯——东京三菱的分析师指出,除非美国的领先产业发生戏剧性的衰退,否则美联储在货币政策上的鹰鸽之争依然将主导着2016年的美元走势。在2013-2015年期间,正是美联储一直向市场发出加息预期的讯号推动着美元触底反弹以至一路走高。   美联储在确保政策稳定性的同时,将更关注如何调整加息的时间表,以符合市场的心理预期。另一边厢,欧洲央行已经发出信号,准备在3月份加推更多宽松政策。而日本央行则成为世界上第五个实施负利率的中央银行,并暗示有需要的时候将继续下调利率。   该行还解释道,只是美元的上升势头也许不能像2015年那么强劲了,其中主要的原因还在于美联储的加息步伐未如理想。去年12月的议息会上,美联储决定事隔9年多之后首度加息,并且在会后声明中高调宣称将计划在2016年内进行四次加息。现在看来,尽管情况未必像联邦基金利率期货数据所暗示的那样,今年内加息无望,但美联储要想达到原计划的目标,恐怕是不太现实了。更大的可能是今年内两次或三次加息,同时还得取决于环球经济增长以及原油价格的情况。 责任编辑:郭明煜 SF008相关的主题文章: