Time To Create The Bath You Always Wanted-bleep

With everyone’s hectic lifestyle, the bathroom is the one place to escape from it all to retreat and relax. Whether you’re renovating a main floor powder room, the kids’ Jack and Jill, or your master bath, you want to make sure you create that sanctuary that provides you with a sense of peace you crave at the beginning and end of the day. We could typically spend up to 7 hours a week lounging in the bath, steaming in our showers, grooming, cleansing and applying makeup. This is a room to be lived in rather than just pass through and that’s why it requires such careful attention. These spaces tend to be among the costliest rooms to renovate. That’s why it’s important to realize it’s less about trends and more about style. Whether remodeling or adding on a new bath, think about all those amenities you might have wanted in your bathroom but never had. Now’s your chance. Read the magazines, search online, and visit your bath supply showrooms for wonderful inspirational ideas. Ideally bedrooms and baths should be separated visually from the main working areas of your house. At least one guest bath or powder room should be easily accessible from the kitchen and family room area of your home. The master bath should be large enough to fit an oversized tub, generously sized shower, and double vanity sinks—and as many other bells and whistles to provide you with the Zen-like atmosphere you crave. If you’re faced with any of these issues in your own home then maybe it’s time to think about correcting these old problems by creating new solutions. Ask Yourself These Questions: – Are you short a powder room, and right now your guests use your main bath? – Is your tiny main bath too cramped and cluttered for a family of four? – Does your sink and combination bath/shower drip and leak and just doesn’t work well anymore? – When your bathroom door is kept open, can you see the toilet from down the hallway? (Yuck) – Can you hear everything in your current powder room—there’s no privacy or sound insulation? – Are you still in love with the pink tub, toilet and sink – or is it time to let it go? – Are you struggling with insufficient storage and unable to organize all your products and supplies? – Is the moisture level is too high and the overwhelming scent of mildew proving to be more than you can handle? Are you now ready to create new solutions? About the Author: Lori Gilder is an Award winning Interior Designer specializing in high-end residential renovations & additions. Lori is the CEO & Founder of Interior Makeovers Inc. She is dedicated to providing accessible design expertise & guidance, tailored to fit each individual homeowner’s lifestyle. Receive a FREE copy of "How to Avoid the 15 Most Common Decorating Mistakes" .www.lorigilder.com Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Home-and-Family 相关的主题文章: