This year, UNIQLO is very stylish! The 12 most worth buying (video) peepsamurai

This year, UNIQLO is very stylish! The 12 most worth buying See aunt said: this year’s good scenery, during the eleven UNIQLO and pre Hermè s creative director Christophe Lemaire cooperation Uniqlo U series listed. Dress colors are giant beauty and then with various co stars, recently was a scraper! Because Uniqlo clothes too much, so I will come today to help you pick it, autumn and winter, which is worth buying a single product. 1, Uniqlo big Cape Ni Ni on the time to help Uniqlo took a set of plans, which I like this big shawl, really have a feeling of Burberry. This Cape Song Jia recently wore, with holes in jeans, this year I have to grab the ~2 and Uniqlo U series is the most popular winter skirt pleated skirt this single product! Sasaki Nozomi is wearing this year’s U series, good texture! She wore olive green. Uniqlo this pleated skirt has four colors, the material is knitted, length of about 7 points, but looks like several colors out of stock. 3, Uniqlo series U (small -) sweater if you want to buy a small section of the basic energy-saving, you can consider the U series, the main clothes are comfortable and parity, and still feel greatly. Xuan Mei to participate in the Uniqlo series U conference wear. Alisa Misaki Sato also wore the red sweater when he was in the magazine MORE. Sasaki Nozomi a shades of olive green to take up a sense of hierarchy, both literary and retro. This sweater is one of the main products, there are 5 colors. In addition to this turtleneck, not U series there is also a V collar, caramel color is quite good. Senhuilijia wear. 4, Uniqlo simple jacket jacket his family this year there is a recommended jacket is this pilot jacket, but also the main style of the autumn and winter. Uniqlo’s jacket is so simple. Xing deer wearing black beat street shot. Nozaki Moeka wore a gray. With a simple paragraph of the semi knitted skirt is also very good-looking. 5, Uniqlo cotton skirt I don’t love skirt light feeling, so it won’t buy the chiffon. This is made of cotton, knitted than pleated skirt, in front of the better collocation, basically everyone can wear, but this series of longer than U, probably the appearance of nine points, compared with warmth and is very effective in small thick legs! Model RUKO took a whole gray street shot, I feel good fashion! Do not see it! In addition to gray, as well as dark green is also very good-looking. Also can match to the coat skirt, do not worry about frozen leg. 6, Oversize big sweater, although Uniqlo do is the basic section, this year there are still caught in the popular trend, out of the Oversize big sweater, like! Want to buy the basic model of a large sweater can be considered. 7, knitted vest is also a piece of fire is not a long sleeved, is a vest. In fact, this very difficult to wear high necked knit, relatively high on the body, but dressed or fashionable. Ni Ni is a knitting.相关的主题文章: