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Mobile-Cell-Phone Gone are the days when you needed to carry around multiple devices to perform various tasks. The modern smartphone is capable of doing the job of a phone, organiser, satellite navigation system and digital camera. The iPhone 4 is the perfect example of this but here I want to concentrate on one area of this great phone which is its excellent audio facilities. Thanks to the large storage capacity available on these handsets it is now possible to carry your whole music collection around with you every day. Every smartphone offers you this facility but none do it as well as the iPhone 4 thanks to the phones use of the excellent iTunes platform and the incorporation of the best selling iPod software within the phone. When you first connect the phone to your home computer or laptop you install iTunes and it is from here that you not only purchase any new music but also transfer your existing music collection. The platform is like a giant online shop enabling you to purchase both individual songs as well as full albums. In addition to music you can also purchase podcasts and books which are subsequentally transferred to your decive. Once your collection is complete you have the option to transfer the entire list to your phone or create playlists. The playlists are a great feature as they enable you to group certain genres of music together which can either be played back in the order that you choose or randomly. This mean you can have a selection of songs for the gym or a driving collection for when your handset is linked to your in car entertainment system. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the music playback of the iPhone 4 is the iPod application that is built into the device. This is where you playback your files and the interface that you are presented with is both easy to use and great to look at. When you hold the phone in the landscape position your albums are displayed in an on screen carousel which simply shows you the cover art along with the artist name and the name of the album. Swiping your finger left or right revolves this carousel so it feels as though you are simply browsing your CD collection on a shelf. Although this method is the best visually many people will use the phone in the portrait position which enables you to search for your music by song title, artist, album or playlist. This method is probably the easiest to quickly locate the track you require. To listen to your music you can use the high quality headphones that are supplied or the phones own stereo loudspeakers. The 3.5mm headphone jack that is located on the phone can also be used to link the phone to a home audio system, enabling you to hear your music through much higher quality speakers which is perfect if you are having guests over for a drink or doing your housework. The excellent audio facilities on the iPhone 4 are just one superb aspect of this great phone. It is easy to see why this handset has become one of the best selling of all time thanks to features that are superb together with stylish looks that catch the eye. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: