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The woman covered with earthworm veins because this old thing yesterday, deputy director of vascular surgery, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital affiliated to Medical College of Zhejiang University at the Zhu Yuefeng clinic, the female patient who is tall. "She’s about more than and 40 years old and she’s modeling." Zhu Yuefeng said, but the female patient’s leg, with blue veins like earthworms, she is varicose. After decades of the decades of models wearing high-heeled shoes Zhu physican after that, the female patient is really a former occupation model, because of the occupation reason, most of the time she usually have to wear high-heeled shoes, ordinary people are unlikely to wear seventeen eight cm super high heels, she also often walk in. About ten years ago, her calf began to faint some green out, but she was afraid to leave scars on the rear legs, more ugly, so has not been determined to cure. Ten years, her veins more and more severe, the calf vein has been very obvious, like earthworm clouds entrenched in the skin, is really affect the image of the. She just Xunyiwenyao find Zhu Yuefeng here. More than and 40 year old female model of severe varicose veins of her legs, varicose veins, and wear high heels every day there is a great relationship. Blood from the foot to the heart through the veins, there is a way to extend the contraction through the calf muscles, the blood pressure in the veins, the veins and the valve, can prevent blood flow back down. While wearing high heels, impede the normal movement of the calf muscles." Zhu Yuefeng said, if you wear flat shoes to walk, the correct walking posture is the heels, and toes, cycle, calf muscle stretching, stretching, shrinkage, shrinkage, vein blood will return to normal. But wearing high-heeled shoes, walking is stand up, this time has been in calf muscle contraction, the foot of the blood can’t back to the heart. The blood pressure back, blood flow in the leg blood stasis, venous pressure is more and more bigger, it will be like my balloon out of order expansion. How many young women are varicose veins and high heels are "generally, varicose vein is a disease of the elderly, but at least I see September 30 relatively young female cases of varicose veins, they are more or less love wearing high-heeled shoes history." Doctor Zhu said, wear high-heeled shoes caused by varicose veins is a long and slow process, more than and 20 year old girls because blood quality is relatively good, also can hold on blood pressure, so wear high-heeled shoes is not obvious, after the age of 30, will start out varices. Women often wear high heels, you can check the inner part of the leg or the rear, is not a faint will see some of the blue blood vessels? That’s the varicose veins. Another more than and 40 year old woman who likes to wear high heels also varicose veins have now had a good minimally invasive lower extremity vein radiofrequency ablation. Under the guidance of ultrasound, a diameter of about 2 mm long needle into the varicose veins, the veins closed, and then removed, the skin can not see. The operation was performed under local anesthesia, the day will be discharged. In the end how much wear with appropriate? How to reduce the incidence of risk? Authoritative academic journal of vascular surgery.相关的主题文章: