The State Council third times a comprehensive inspection focused on the outstanding problems of econ 7470d

The State Council third times to start a comprehensive inspection focus on outstanding problems in economic operation in Beijing in August 28, Xinhua news agency, the State Council third large inspection recently launched a comprehensive inspection scope, covering 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps and the relevant departments of the State Council, including the supervision focus maintain steady economic development, promote structural reform, the supply side to promote innovation driven development, protect and improve the livelihood of the four aspects of 23 key work content, to promote the various regions and departments to earnestly perform their duties, efforts to promote major policy initiatives, key investment projects, an important livelihood projects to accelerate the floor, to keep the economy running in a reasonable range, to ensure the completion of the annual economic and social development of the main objectives and tasks. Since this year, all localities and departments to earnestly implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision, insist on maintaining stability of the general work guideline, actively adapt to the new normal economic development, efforts to promote the supply side structural reform, the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, vigorously promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, foster the development of new energy, the work has achieved positive progress. But there are still some localities and departments in depth and reform work coordination and policy supporting, measures are not in place, the existence of individual cadres lazy politics and not as messy as lazy political phenomenon, the impact of the decision to deploy landing force. According to reports, third major inspection will focus on the central economic work conference and the requirements of the government work report, focusing on the current economic operation and the reform and development of the outstanding issues, control related work and quantitative indicators of the deployment of key tasks, one by one to implement, layers of conductive pressure, promote the work ahead, pay close attention to dry. According to the work arrangement, the use of the first inspection of the field after the inspection of the way. In various regions and departments to carry out self-examination on the basis of the State Council in September 18th will be sent 20 inspection teams to the region and the relevant departments of the State Council to carry out on-site supervision. In the last year, the State Council praised the 20 cities (state), the 20 counties (cities, districts), the implementation of the "free supervision". Since the establishment of the current government, the State Council has organized two annual inspection, effectively promote the major policy measures and key work of the deployment of the implementation, promoting economic and social development of the main targets to complete the task successfully, to enhance the credibility of the government executive power and achieved good social repercussions. It is understood that, in order to promote the formation of competing as active as the momentum of the work, the big inspection will further improve the incentive and accountability mechanisms. In terms of supervision and incentives, continue to really hard work, the results of the work of the place to give a clear recognition of the increase in funding, projects and land and other aspects of incentives to support and tilt to the grassroots cities and counties. In the supervision and accountability, to continue to focus on lazy government ministers and not as messy as problems, seize the typical, serious accountability. At the same time, a sound and reasonable fault tolerance and error correction mechanism to effectively mobilize and protect the enthusiasm of the majority of cadres of entrepreneurship, initiative, creativity.相关的主题文章: