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The Secrets of Opt In Lists Just as emails have replaced a substantial amount of postal mailing, so too opt in lists are replacing standard emails. An opt in list contains permission-based email addresses and a profile of that email address owner. Thus, resulting in a highly target customer or email base. To create your opt in list, of course, you must have an existing website. Using this website you can set up promotions or give awy some free services or products to attract visitors. For example, free screen savers, free games, free downloads, etc. When a visitor registers to receive their free gift they are required to register, provide their email address and in essence give you their permission to receive emails from you. Now you will need to write, write, and write content. Whether your write on forums, ezines, or blogs always link your aritcles or content to your web page. This provides some fresh information for those on your opt in list. Don’t forget, people do change their mind. So always provide an avenue of opting out. Make it easy for them, then they don’t feel threatened. You could look for someone to partner with when generating an opt in list. You could then share any incurred expenses and both of you share the list. Choose someone or a company that share a similar or complimentary business as your own. Place opt in address on all email signatures, and all offline correspondence for optimal results. Keep in mind that people that opt in are potential customers. They already have an interest in your product, that is why there are there. So cater to them once they are on the list. For even more info on this, please visit my website .ebooks.puter… Good Luck! 🙂 Jeff Spires About the Author: 相关的主题文章: