The Q. Fraud Had Been Quite On The Headlines For Many

Business QNet, a Multilevel Marketing .pany has been in the business for more than a decade and had been the epitome of marketing. Until a couple of months back when the .pany was accused of gulping the investments of many. The Qnet Fraud had been quite on the headlines for many days and so was Mr. Vijay Eswaran, the owner of the .pany for duping the investors. So where did at began and is the scam for real? MLM or Multi Level Marketing is one of the best industries of the world and there are many .panies who have leveraged on multiple product selling business. There has been long time belief that MLM .panies were a fraud and did not yield proper results. Many international players like Herbalife and Amway who have been long in the business have been following this trend and have made every effort to make the business worthwhile. However these businesses did not guarantee returns by just investing, it was the efforts that yielded results. There have been many success stories down the years and many bankrupt stories. QNet is a multiple product .pany that sold everything from wellness products to luxury watches and jewelries. The concept is that a certain set of Independent Representatives or IR join the .pany and each of these IRs are given an dedicated online store to sell the products of QNet. The form of business was ideal for the people who needed to earn some extra bucks apart from their work. MLM helps in giving the people a luxurious lifestyle and is considered an ideal form of investment with good returns if handled properly. Given the amount of sales and the kind of returns they are allotted a certain sum of .mission. So the deal however was these IRs would just invest and were least bothered over maintaining their investments. This in turn led to the loss of millions and them blaming the .pany. In true sense the .pany has been doing good and helped in developing millions of entrepreneurs around the world. The scam was scripted by a couple of .petitors and IRs who couldnt make out the best in the business. These people claimed that the .pany was a sham and did not give the proper results and thus declare Qnet Fraud. Their efforts proved right and led to the probing of the owner of the .pany Mr. Vijay Eswaran. He was accused of holding illegal holdings in foreign .panies and was arrested in Indonesia. He owned a .panies like Ferntea and Suntex that were considered to hold illegal money of the public investments. Goldquest or QNet was alleged of having developed some branches in various parts of Asia and selling limited edition coins and watches through network marketing. All these worth $90 million that made fortunes for the .pany and the .pany denying the allegations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: