The pants to go It was not so easy. ppbox

The pants to go? It was not so casual lead: in addition to not attend formal occasions with qualitative requirements, sports pants mix in fashion than trousers but also themselves, for the attention of men, sports pants is not only comfortable choice "". (from: GQ) pants for comfort or exercise which was invented, worn to occasions down trousers more inverse. What qualifications and old suit pants, although traffic is extremely underdeveloped in the past, people struggling to run life of hundred years, sports pants history is just about 90 years. Until 20s of last century, a French manufacturer of sports equipment company Le Coq Sportif founder é mile Camuset; before the invention of the sports pants. He tried to rib cotton, plush and sportswear combination, let sports clothing more soft and breathable, which in the year but openness. After all, most people at that time in the movement, also wearing a hat, wearing a crisp pants, leather shoes. The pants to go? It has not been so casual, although not long after birth, sportswear status and positioning is changing rapidly. By 70s, this is home to the famous sportswear companies have also realized that "sportswear" meaning has changed, they have not specifically to do sports wear, exercise or game clothing, but entered the daily leisure clothing category. Daily, travel, relax, go to work, as long as the occasion is not too formal, these have been improved sportswear can wear. In spring 2017 Junya Watanabe show, wearing a coat suit collar coat model, put on the side of the foot receiving elastic pants, a bright skin loafer, even without molimen. Sports pants type Junya Watanabe 2017 straight men’s spring and summer series Raey seemingly formal, actually with cotton and wool pants. Abandon the pants common elastic drawstring trousers and other elements, with the fabric texture with snow suit effect. Raey cotton wool blended sports pants black trousers side with red and green strips, this design may be exclusive sports pants, or perhaps Gucci logo. Leg forward elements of the prominent dark lines can be modified leg type, but also ensures that the technology of fabric trousers comfort and durability. Deep blue sports pants Gucci pants John Varvatos molding technology of fabric is more close to the shape of the Khaki pants. Zipper, buttons, can be a belt, the only way to see the identity of the sports pants, is a small mouth pants. John Varvatos cut wool pants and dark blue Pinstripe a yuppie style, the side pocket and into the rough sense of overalls, trousers and only obvious drawstring implies that all-match looks lively trousers, is actually a sports pants. Juun.J fine striped sportswear pants相关的主题文章: