The old man into the mountains mushrooms lost the fireworks at night he cited from the police cosmax

The old man into the mountains mushrooms lost the fireworks at night he cited police from northeast news network September 22nd September 13th 18 am, the Public Security Bureau police station received Tangwanghe soup 110 phone alarm, electric power bureau staff Liu old father-in-law Wu, morning home to the Beishan mushroom has yet to return. It is already dark, the old man is 60 years old, suffering from cerebral thrombosis sequelae. Called the old man’s phone, said the old man got lost in the mountains, now know in which direction are not coming out, the family worried, can not only help to the public security organs. Hu Liwu, Jing Xiangguang, Chen Junan police on duty immediately to the Sun Liangyu report, Sun Liangyu asked to help find, and pay attention to their own safety, and mobilized 3 police and their families to find many old mountain. Deputy director Hu Liwu and Wu telephone conversation, to prompt the elderly, but Wu also said how clear their own position in the mountains, the whole in a radius of dozens of kilometers, the area is too big, we are helpless, deputy director Hu Liwu think of fireworks for the elderly to identify the direction. He let the family to buy fireworks in the Beishan high voltage line set off, Wu asked whether to see the fireworks, the old man said no. The police went to the twenty-six Tangwanghe checkpoint near the fireworks, call Wu, the old man still did not see the police, and drove to the town in the distance Tangwanghe 5 kilometers near Tongjiang fireworks, hard work pays off, the old man saw the fireworks, in accordance with the guidelines about 9 o’clock at night, the old man finally walked out of the mountains. Source: China Network Editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: