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The new day constant third response: authentication service for $5000 Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you falls in Zhang Yiyu 20160914 photograph: Chinese vision and then decline, done in one vigorous effort, three and exhaust. Summary of the new day constant with the words (600165.SH) and Shanghai is ideally suited to wrestling. In September 10th, a new day constant factor company boyalife by third inquiries. Previously, the Shanghai Stock Exchange in September 2nd, September 6th issued a series of enquiry, and in September 6th September 8th, a new day constant also carries on the reply. For the third time (September 10th) inquiries, a new day constant and boyalife began to apply for the delayed response, unable to resist sustain the blows, and finally released in September 14th third times including boyalife transactions more details of the reply notice. This late response to disclose the third, originally only $5000 (about 30 thousand yuan) of FACT certification, and ultimately constitute a transaction requires about $14 million 400 thousand. Announcements, Burson stem application and certification fee of FACT standard for cell associated company provides Purcell Yingke is about $5000, the fee will be paid by boyalife or paid directly by the English purcell. According to the technical consultation agreement signed by both parties, the contract price of this agreement is 14 million 400 thousand yuan, and is paid on schedule. FACT standard application and certification costs included in the service contract fixed price of 14 million 400 thousand yuan. The interface news had reported in August 31st Burson Stem Cell Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as boyalife) responsible person, before the university president’s son Xu Xiaochun in no real investment situation, by means of capital 1 billion 288 million yuan in cash to the news. To this end, the same as Xu Xiaochun established between stem cells and Purcell Intco Boya triggered transactions intriguing. The related transaction triggered the attention of the Shanghai Stock exchange. The Shanghai Stock Exchange (September 2nd) the first letter of inquiry on the relationship about boyalife and inco Purcell, and boyalife explained, in negative equity shareholders Purcell Intco, operating income is only 2 million 740 thousand, to boyalife pay consulting fees 14 million 400 thousand yuan technology consulting, and the source of the related funds whether there is any relationship with the company, as well as the market quotation for Intco Purcell boyalife clinical international certification, technical consulting and technical services and the transaction pricing basis. However, in the new day constant first reply (September 6th) announcement, did not make a clear answer to the above questions. The Shanghai Stock Exchange did not terminate the inquiry. In September 6th, second times in the letter of inquiry, the Shanghai Stock Exchange again to solve the problem of information. This time, a new day constant finally answer part of the problem. Second (September 8th) reply announcement, because the British families do not have the ability to complete the Purcell FACT certification, so rich experience of the International Certification Commission boyalife paid to provide FACT certification services. And that of Intco相关的主题文章: