The new BMW 1 series will be the world premiere at the Guangzhou Auto Show-candy boy

The new BMW 1 series at the Guangzhou auto show world debut (Beijing) fourteenth Guangzhou international automobile exhibition will be opened, heavy vehicle new BMW 1 series sports car will be unveiled, usher in the world premiere. The new BMW 1 series sports car BMW group is a new model Chinese young design based on customer requirements, with fashionable appearance, the passion of the "core", and the technology trend of cool. In the luxury car market, BMW brand appeal to the young and the movement has become the difference between other brands the most significant and most attractive features. Young is the beginning of the pursuit of the dream of life, a burst of energy and talent, fearless forward; exercise means a healthy lifestyle, help the journey of life to create more beautiful miracle. BMW has a deep insight into the younger generation of consumers in China, the new BMW 1 series sports sedan will meet the needs of young users from the design concept to the scientific and technological configuration. High Yan value movement fan new BMW 1 sport sedan called the latest BMW. Smooth roofline long engine cover and a coupe like have a very coordinated appearance to the new BMW 1 series sports sedan, is higher than the traditional BMW three car models of the engine cover and the luggage compartment cover let the car look very strong, is a handsome young man, often gas love sports fitness. The design of headlights and taillights followed the BMW classic elements, "halo" headlights use more cutting edge of the new hexagonal design, with a straight and sharp light eyebrows, like the sharp eyes staring at the front, L taillights with full of sense of design as a stereo line call, is matched with the fashion Master perfect cool equipment. Want cool cool, energetic and trendy? Often seen in fashion landmarks? In addition to fashionable dress, you also need a new standard 1 series sports car. The movement of the weight control passionate BMW automobile is innate, into the blood, and the Italian and Russian passion, fighting, Kenya people have to run the different approaches but equally satisfactory results. The new BMW 1 sport sedan not only has the BMW iconic sports chassis tuning, but also equipped with a leading technology, strong power, rapid response to the latest generation of BMW turbocharged engine. Equipped with electric power steering system compared with the same level models, steering feedback more quickly, clear and accurate, perfect to maintain the BMW signs of movement control features. Love sports control? Like the sight of the car can not have the feeling? Want to run around the weekend of the "Autumn Mountain"? A 1 series sports car can be easily achieved. Cool Internet technology the new BMW 1 series sports cars and mobile Internet era of young people. BMW interconnect driving basic functions covering the intelligent emergency rescue, road rescue, remote service, customer care centers and other common features of the Internet to drive online stores, ten years free. With models can also enjoy enhanced connecteddrive services, enjoy the journey of consultation, real-time traffic display and other high-end value-added services. With powerful, innovative and convenient and easy to use the Internet driving technology, the new BMW 1 sports sedan will become the city’s younger generation of smart mobile social final 7相关的主题文章: