The mountain under the feet, look at the Gongga Rizhao Jinshan tourism Sohu guitarpro5

The mountain under the feet, look at the Gongga Rizhao Jinshan tourism Sohu from rtar back, along state highway 317 road ramp down, only to Xinduqiao more than 3000 meters above sea level, it is the Sichuan Tibet line north and South Fork in the road, North Ganzi, south of Litang, from Tibet to Kangding channel. Think of 2013 car Tibet after Xinduqiao, here the rest of the 2 days filled with a thousand regrets. It was May, the river Qing Yang also took the chill of early spring at Tagong amidst the winds of change, gives people a sense of mystery. Midsummer of July is a year of Zhongchuan plateau in the West most brilliant sunshine time, eight from the United States into Tagong, sky light, Yamano Aoakira, there are pockets of golden rape in the green mountain, light green valley. Tagong Xinduqiao located more than and 30 km northwest of the "tower" as the Tibetan language, meaning "the Bodhisattva love place". Every summer, in Tagong the green meadow, colored flowers flourish, bloom. Sunny weather make the herdsmen have pulled out of the outdoors, prayer flags, tents, grasslands and elegant bursts of milk. They were singing and dancing show full loading, merged into a sea of joy on the prairie, also known as playing bazi. Blue sky and white clouds, cattle and sheep everywhere, snow capped mountains grassland, Lama Temple, the main elements of the landscape on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau are now concentrated together. Xinduqiao called "photographer’s paradise" and "wedding photography corridor" Tibetan youth will wear traditional costumes at this time, in the holy snow capped mountains and solemn temple, leave a lifetime of Ji nian. At this time with the enthusiasm of the Tibetan dance, is a happy thing. The famous Muya urn in the sun shining, and distant holy mountain the stark contrast. It is one of the six great Buddhist temple of the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism, the construction used more than and 100 kg of gold, it is said that the temple opening, colorful auspicious clouds appeared in the sky, iris. The mountain is a famous Tibetan epic "recorded in one of the four Kamiyama under King biography", 5820 meters above sea level, the peak is Snow gleams white. clouds. Looking from the tower to the public here on the prairie, a lotus throne shape, and eight from the beauty of the town to see a crown shape of Yala snow mountain, watching from the Nonggeshan, was sitting Buddha shape, very realistic. In Tagong need tickets 10 yuan, buy a bucket of yak yogurt, slowly climbed the gentle hillside, sitting in front of a wildflower meadow, is the Golden Temple top, if the lotus in full bloom of the distant snow capped mountains, clouds rolling horizon, this point is the best. From Tagong to Xinduqiao town about 30 kilometers of highway 215 along the valley, is the most beautiful Xinduqiao section of the road, the summer mountain has all the green, blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and rivers make people feel comfortable. The autumn green along the way to all the golden yellow, is another color of the world. The mountain dwelling Tibetan Xinduqiao built, Gloria around, like a small villa, a spacious courtyard and Zhu Qi gates, most houses built with stone, Chaoyang door, every wall open three or four windows, with red, black and white color painted on the window ledge, symbolizing the Ding xing.相关的主题文章: