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"The last radiance of the setting sun is what? We often encountered confusion, Shuimi not enter, dull eyes, dark complexion, sound of cheap micro Sohu in clinically healthy dying patients suddenly appeared good spirit. The surface is suffused with red light, the vision is also not so sluggish, originally can not eat into the water suddenly…… If there is no experience of young doctors, this time it may be with the family said: "the patient situation today is better than yesterday, is a good phenomenon". I do not know may be only a few hours, good times don’t last long, the longest no more than one or two days in patients with OVER. At this time the family does not look for you who ah, doctor, you are not a good turn?" This is not a real improvement, this is the legendary "the last radiance of the setting sun" and "the last radiance of the setting sun" is a natural phenomenon, is when the sun is going down, because of the action of the sun light reflection at sunset, the sky will be short of light, and then quickly into the dark. "The last radiance of the setting sun" is not only a natural phenomenon can also occur in ESRD patients, before people slow death in normal nature, sometimes pale red, slightly small pupil, the spirit of excitement suddenly back in the end of life phenomenon. Why does "the last radiance of the setting sun"? People are dying, the human body will adjust the potential of the body to carry out the last desperate struggle. Heart failure due to death of patients with cardiopulmonary failure, cardiac output, hypoxia and carbon dioxide retention. This stimulation is to the brain SOS. The brain can think of a way to emergency, the secretion of the adrenal cortex and medulla hormone, glucocorticoid is mainly used for "emergency", it can through anti-inflammatory, anti toxin, anti shock, anti allergic effect, quickly relieve symptoms, help patients through the dangerous period. Adrenal medulla is the secretion of adrenaline and norepinephrine, they are able to stimulate the heart, vasoconstriction, hypertension. The cells of another important material for energy storage, called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). When the body encounters strong stimulation, such as on the verge of death and other serious conditions, ATP will be quickly transformed into two adenosine monophosphate (ADP), at the same time release enormous energy, so that all organs of the body system, rapid access to power, people will suddenly showed extraordinary vitality. Under this mechanism, the dying patient suddenly became conscious, emotional excitement, memory recovery, talking, and initiative, mouth swallowing, facial redness, some patients can take this opportunity to leave a will, and waiting aside said goodbye and so on. The patient’s metabolic disorder and energy supply are not sustainable. So only a few hours, and good times don’t last long, the longest no more than one or two days, the chemical energy in the body remains focused on the release, the patient’s life journey is over. Who have died before the last radiance of the setting sun "phenomenon. The condition of "reduce" phenomenon, in fact, is a false image, gives people a false impression mistaken patientsthrough. And those who are experienced at a glance, the essence of the phenomenon is the last radiance of the setting sun the harbinger of death, is the signal of the patient to their loved ones farewell. Sina micro-blog @ Qinghai health network business cooperation contact:)相关的主题文章: