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The grave digger Insider: a ghoul summons four guards recently everyone seems to be more baby things Shuabing, but for LOL, the big guys are more concerned about the 6.17 version when the line, when and what version of the grave? Today, on the tomb of a GIF moving figure recently exposed on the social platform, for users to dig up the problem raised by the tomb, the designer made an answer! The following is the new tomb of the moving map, the new version of the tomb has a neck necklace, what does this mean?" Reav3: "his necklace is a very important clue in the background of his story, and the tomb is made up of terrible black fog." Look closely at the black mist! In fact, the GEM) redo, his eggs revealed a fall from the tip of the gem, the grave redo and play it? In addition to the existing necklace, shovel is the hero of the background story clues, Xiao Bian believes that the first exposure in the background of the coffin will be one of the important clues. "We all know that the hammer of the stone will collect the soul of the unit of death, so whether the ghost of the tomb is also from the unit of death? In addition, we are not able to infer from the GIF diagram can dig into the tomb of the moment to jump to the specified range or designated units?" PS: now we speculate that the grave details are as follows: 1 similar to hammer stone lanterns use; 2 the grave has 4 ghosts and can manipulate them to jump up; 3 the grave has a black cloak of fog; 4 background is in the rain or the night. Reav3 simply replied, "the tomb is not a hammer. "Is that the tomb of at least metal fans? "Reav3:" indeed, the metal is the most like a tomb and a hero." "The grave and 1000 Jue is not similar? "Reav3": the grave and 1000 Jue go way back. Oh, I seem to say a lot more. Besides, there are some differences between the tomb and the skateboard shoes and the four. At least, he is a shadow hero." The new version of the grave important information, there will be some contact and 1000 jue. Thousand Jue background story is simply an original one of the creatures is decomposed into wolf soul and spirit is a thousand sheep, Jue will become so completely because of the grave gift?? Finally, someone asked the grave will have more good-looking ghost from the GIF map feel the grave ghost still ugly. Reav3 gave a smile: many) "well, this is just an egg, there is a period of time you can see the ghost’s face." Summary: believe that the new version of the tomb has been a lot of news to let the players excited about it! Will he be a hero who is about to dominate his career?! We will wait and see! (178)相关的主题文章: