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The frequent occurrence of horror American authorities advise people not Halloween clown – Beijing, Beijing, October 30, according to foreign media reports, in the United States, the children are dressed in strange and eccentric clothing Halloween candy is to knock on the door. However, following a spate of "weird scary clown" after the events of this year or the occasional clown suit hung in the closet. There are authorities to discourage, or even prohibit people dressed as clowns. According to reports, in recent weeks a series of "weird clown" bulletin, lead to a unhealthy trend is spread across the United States, also let the traditional Halloween on October 31st "ghosts" over the unpleasant atmosphere of panic. Millions of children across the United States in a Halloween Costume from door to door, "trick or treat". But in the event of strange clown haunt or even a knife after the terrorist incident, the city authorities and law enforcement agencies have to discourage this year, or even prohibit people wearing clown clothes. The authorities are worried that the children go out to sugar on Halloween night, the clown will seriously unhealthy rebound. A number of unusual events from August this year, South Carolina, someone wearing a clown suit, trying to abduct children into the forest. Since then, the rapid spread of unhealthy, so far the United States has more than 20 states have similar. Although most of them are mischievous or unconfirmed threats, but there are cases of attacks. At present, the United States fast-food chain McDonald’s based on the current atmosphere of the people around the world to witness the clown to consider, to reduce the mascot uncle McDonald’s public appearance. The discount retailer of target company also said the company stopped selling clown mask for "the atmosphere".相关的主题文章: