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The first station Chinese Tour: the world’s most advanced long-range widebody aircraft’s first visit to Hainan in the world’s most advanced long-range widebody aircraft’s first trip to Hainan business class has 42 full lie flat seats, economy class with 210 seats in October 30th, with a special coating of carbon fiber of the Airbus A350-900 test aircraft landed at the Haikou Meilan International Airport. On the morning of October 31st, the plane flew. It is understood that this is the world’s most advanced long-distance wide body aircraft is the first visit to Hainan. For the A350 test aircraft MSN2 the production sequence number will be a 11 day tour in China, Haikou is the first station of Haikou China tour, after the show ended it will return to Zhuhai to participate in the Zhuhai airshow, after will also visit Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu 4 city. MSN2 uses two level cabin layout, business class has 42 full lying seats, economy class has 210 seats. Hainan Daily reporter Shao Changchun photo related news: the Airbus widebody aircraft remote A350 China Tour debut in Haikou for the Airbus A350-900 aircraft at Haikou Meilan International Airport test. Luo Yunfei pictured Airbus A350-900 test aircraft unveiled Haikou Meilan International Airport. Luo Yunfei photo Beijing, Hainan (Luo Yunfei) in October 31st October 31st, as the world’s most advanced long-range widebody aircraft, the Airbus A350-900 aircraft will test Hainan Haikou as the first station, opened the tour activities for a period of 11 days in China. The Airbus A350 is the current world’s most advanced technology, including the use of composite materials as the representative of advanced materials, new efficient engines, aerodynamic performance excellent new wing and simple and reliable system. Pictured Airbus A350-900 test aircraft economy class. Luo Yunfei, pictured by a media journalist, can experience a full commercial seat on a A350 test plane. Cabin design Luo Yunfei photo A350 uses a smooth curve of the whole cabin to LED lighting and spacious panoramic windows. The A350 test aircraft business class in Haikou has 40 full seat seats, with 212 seats in the economy class. Economy class is a row of 9 seats, with 18 inches wide seat, to provide passengers with greater space for riding. According to reports, in a typical three cabin layout, A350-900 and A350-1000 respectively with 325 and 366 passengers, a range of 8100 nautical miles (15000 km), including remote A350-900ULR can fly up to 19 hours of non-stop flights.

中国巡演的第一站:全球最先进远程宽体飞机首访海南   全球最先进远程宽体飞机首访海南   商务舱拥有42个可全平躺的座位,经济舱拥有210个座位 图为10月30日,一架身披碳纤维特殊涂装的空客A350-900测试飞机降落在海口美兰国际机场。   10月31日上午,这款飞机进行了飞行展示。据了解,这款目前世界上最先进的远程宽体飞机是首次造访海南。   这架生产序列号为MSN2的A350测试飞机将在我国进行为期11天的巡演活动,海口是其中国巡演的第一站,海口展示结束后它将返回珠海参加珠海航展,之后还将访问北京、上海、广州和成都等4个城市。MSN2采用两级客舱布局,商务舱拥有42个可全平躺的座位,经济舱拥有210个座位。海南日报记者 邵长春摄   相关新闻:空客远程宽体飞机A350中国巡演首站亮相海口 图为空客A350-900测试飞机亮相海口美兰国际机场。骆云飞摄 图为空客A350-900测试飞机亮相海口美兰国际机场。骆云飞摄   中新网海南10月31日(骆云飞)10月31日,作为目前世界上最先进的远程宽体飞机,空客A350-900测试飞机将海南海口作为首站,开启在中国为期11天的巡演活动。空客A350采用了目前世界上最先进的技术,包括使用以复合材料为代表的先进材料、新型高效发动机、气动性能优异的全新机翼以及简洁可靠的系统等。 图为空客A350-900测试飞机经济舱。骆云飞摄 图为一位媒体记者体验A350测试飞机可全平躺的商务舱座位。骆云飞摄   A350的客舱设计采用了大量的平滑曲线,加以全舱LED照明和宽大的全景舷窗。在海口展示的A350测试飞机商务舱拥有40个可全平躺的座位,经济舱拥有212个座位。经济舱为一排9座布局,标配18英寸宽的座椅,为乘客提供了更大的乘坐空间。据介绍,在典型三级客舱布局下,A350-900和A350-1000可分别搭载325名和366名乘客,航程达8100海里(15000公里),其中超远程型A350-900ULR可执飞长达19小时的不经停直飞航线。相关的主题文章: