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The fifth Zhongshan car fair launched "parking king" contest – Beijing, Beijing, Zhongshan, September 22, (Deng Yuanwen Chen Yanru) 22, Shanxi district held a press conference to announce that the fifth Zhongshan car fair with "Internet plus", the scene of the game and online game innovation integration, organized the "parking King" contest. According to the District Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee, director of the office of Ding Yong, the fifth Automobile Expo will be held in the Western District of Zhongshan city in November 18th this year to 20, is different from the previous, this exhibition with the "Internet plus", the scene of the game and online game innovation integration. We hold the ‘parking King’ contest, through the WeChat game for the official race warm-up, Ding Yong said: online and offline interaction, will enhance the attractiveness of the event." Ding Yong said, to let people better participate in and enjoy the exhibition, the organizing committee will provide 1 times a day for the " site Car Buying people; fun prizes " extraction opportunity award worth 300 thousand yuan bonus, Car Buying people have the opportunity to get 50 thousand yuan prize. It is understood, is located in the west of the rainbow road Zhongshan city vehicle sales accounted for more than half the market share, the district has successfully held the four Expo, four exhibition attracted 575 thousand people visiting guests, car sales 6621 units, turnover amounted to 971 million yuan. Automobile Expo promoted the development of local automobile trade industry, only in 2015 the Western sales car reached 46217 vehicles, an increase of 14.5%; sales of about 6 billion 500 million yuan, up 14.1%. (end)相关的主题文章: