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The education reform can not always be caught up in about two days a voice this old news aroused my concern, at the end of the summer, the fifty-seventh session of the International Mathematical Olympiad, the American team won the championship once again, Chinese team again one obtains third runner up, won by the South Korean team. Last year, the United States team won the championship, but at that time the media to the u.s……." "China only by 4 points……" I believe that many people think this is just China team accidental. Because, in the International Mathematical Olympiad in 30 years this, China team won a total of 19 times the team title, this figure should indicate that the China’s "hegemony" status. But this time the Chinese team not only did not regain the championship, but also lost to the South Korean team. In fact, I want to discuss not only the Olympiad, but think the current Chinese education reform is a powerful force of education beyond the kidnapping, although every reform provisions read "grand and magnificent", but look down always think of the "atmosphere" appearance seems to have hidden a obedient "the little wife, watching you tell me in the face, and make the time to adjust to. A few days ago, the Ministry of Education officially announced the 2017 college entrance examination syllabus, including some amendments to the content. In fact, the outline to fine tune every year, but this year it has aroused great public concern, the focus of attention focused on: "the syllabus increase whether the content is too difficult, whether it will increase the burden of students." Soon the expert out argument: increase the contents of the exam are involved in the daily teaching, just before the test is not, as long as the school according to the syllabus of the normal teaching will not increase the burden on students. "Can not increase the burden on students," the slogan of many years ago trying to liberate the child, is bound to become the shackles of educational reform". For example, "ban Austria", is to give students burdens. Not suitable for all students to learn Mathematical Olympiad, everyone to learn most did increase the burden of the child. In a wave of high waves over the public voice, the competent authorities of education continue to play "forbidden" brand, and then along the way to reduce the difficulty of school learning and the difficulty of the college entrance examination. The result? Mathematical Olympiad classes are still standing, but for some more difficult learning children’s mathematical ability is more and more difficult to be submerged in the low test. I would like to ask: these children’s needs can be sacrificed? The burden of the students has not been reduced, but the education has become more and more complicated. Not to increase the burden of students "Mathematical Olympiad" itself, but the "pinching" school and parents expect their children to be chosen. The selection must have the tools, "Mathematical Olympiad" because of high distinction and good operation will serve as a tool for this. The reason is that education researchers or policy makers can not always put education in the scientific position, today is the voice of the public with a run by the so-called experts tomorrow with a run, try to please the other party will annoy. Some people say that China’s education today is largely due to the college entrance examination. However, do not forget that the entrance examination is an important attribute of the selection of the examination, because it makes it impossible to meet the requirements of all people. Informed sources have revealed that this.相关的主题文章: