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Business 2. Find a domain name that has to do with your site, often one that is keyword related, and register it. 3. Purchase hosting for your website. A "host" is who puts your website up on the Internet. There are many inexpensive hosting 1. Finding a "website builder", a tool that describes basically anything that generates something for a website. There are many different types of website builder applications, ranging from free and very basic specialized applications, to expensive and elaborate all-in-one applications. Without knowing too much when it .e HTML, you will learn a little just by building sites then you’ll be able to put that knowledge to work on the next website you build and build better and better sites as you go, you’ll be able to build your first website. The free programs can be used to build websites, just do a search in a search engine; I just did and got these results 858,000 for "free website builder. But … you say, "I have a real job where I work 40 – 50 hours a week, I have a family and lots of other .mitment on my time, I don’t have the time to work a second job". There are also programs you can purchase, quality ones for way under $100, that won’t just help you put together one page; they will build an entire site for you. Some will build you a small, quality, content filled website of 5 – 10 pages; other will build you a thousand page website in a matter of minutes. Now there are also applications, WYSWYG applications (What You See is What You Get). This makes designing a website more like typing a document in a word processor and is something that just about anyone can understand. You type, like you do in Word or WordPerfect, and it converts what you type into the HTML coding that a web page needs. These are somewhat pricey, but they packages out there; some even give you a domain name for free. 4. Content for the pages of your website. The more interesting the content on your site the more visitors you will have, and if you hope to make money, selling products, services or Goggle’s Ad sense, you want as many visitors as you can get. You also want them to be in the buying mood after they read your content. If you have plenty of free time you can write the content for your pages, the articles, yourself. But if you are busy and don’t have the time, like me, you can find article writers, via Inter. Marketing forums, who will write these articles for you. Not too much work is it? You do need to work on the sego (search engine optimization) of the page as in the meta tags of the pages, the headlines and the keywords. You will eventually need to work on the SEO (search engine optimization) of your pages, keywords and meta tags, generating traffic with the help of a blog, writing and submitting articles, buy back links to your pages, etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: