The dog was abandoned by the bus for half an hour Master it in chasing love norton disk doctor

The dog was abandoned by the bus for half an hour? Master: it is in "chasing love" dogs have been safe home security dogs have returned home to the original title: Leshan dog abandoned street, crazy bus out half an hour? Netizen: it’s chasing on the bus master: I didn’t get it, "chasing love" in September 9, 2016 Chengdu daily electronic version, even, a Leshan dog was abandoned, our bus out half an hour "of micro-blog in the online crazy pass, the poster said" don’t let the bus with pets. The owner does not get off "," the dog ran after the scene so very sad. The news came out, many tens of thousands of micro-blog broken million, reading comments, many people denounced dog owners too cruel. Since September 6th, the Chengdu Daily reporter visited the learned, the truth is not online pass that the dog is called the west, when its owner is not in the bus, the west is chasing a mother-in-law on the bus. The West’s owner said, may be because before the West has accidentally met her mother raised a bitch, and the day before the incident had followed her mother’s bitch ran. The exposure of users do not get off the bus master, the dog out half an hour "today I sit in a bus, saw this scene……" September 4th at 12 pm, Sina micro-blog users "love you smile smile 123" micro Bo said, "do not let bus pets, the owner does not get off, are more than a half hour drive, (the dog) I got on the bus, it also followed the master, in the next to the bus, I get off, it also follow run." The micro-blog allotted 9 pictures: on the street, a yellow and white dog chasing a bus run, a lot of traffic from the dog around after signs of danger appearing everywhere. Due to the fact that there is a figure, the micro-blog will soon lead to a lot of users concerned, comments and forwarding. "This dog owners are too cruel!" Do not have a sense of responsibility, do not raise a dog." "How do people have it, in order to fight a dog can not do?" In many comments, many users are on the dog owner behavior condemned, and concerned about the dog had no accident. And like you smile 123 smile in the interaction with other users, said she did not see the outcome, she tried to touch it, take it away, but it has been staring at the sight of the bus, chasing the bus. I have no dog owners appeared in the car, it went to 3 pm after a bitch on September 5th afternoon, suspected dog owner Sina micro-blog users "Huang Sen fly with you" said the response in the micro-blog comments, "it is still in my good, don’t think too much?" However, this comment will soon be drowned in the saliva war of other users. 7:10 that evening, netizen Huang Sen fly with you in my micro-blog frankly admitted: "this is my dog, called the west, still around us there is no abuse, no abandon, we were not in the bus, I care about it than any of you." At the same time, he said he was going after a bitch. In order to prove that he is indeed the west of the master, in the part of the user’s request, friends, "Huang Sen special take you fly" also sent a photo of the west, West Camp相关的主题文章: