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UnCategorized Workaholics are, of course, the butt of many a joke, but actually workaholism is a very serious subject, and the chances of falling victim to it can be heightened at times when workforces are being reduced and staff members are being forced to accept greater responsibilities and heavier workloads. The first thing to get straight here, however, is that true workaholism is not just about working too hard or working long hours. A great many people do this but would not be accurately classed as workaholics. The true workaholic is somebody who feels .pelled to keep working to fulfill an inner need, and whose obsession with work prevents him or her from seeking or maintaining healthy relationships or outside interests. It is fair to say that many people who are finding themselves with heavier workloads are in no immediate danger of workaholics. They will probably put in the extra hours for as long as necessary, still be able to go on holiday and relax without spending every waking moment thinking about the job, and still find time for their spouses, families and friends. For others, however, the fear of failure and the feeling of needing to prove themselves could genuinely put them at risk. There are those who, by their very nature, are more susceptible to workaholism, and the risk to them in current times is multiplied. These people are generally fairly recognizable as being very driven people. They are the ones who just have to finish one more job before they can feel satisfied with their efforts and who find it extremely difficult to relax. Invariably they are great perfectionists too, and they often work in extremely challenging or creative roles. Business owners, high level managers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, writers and .posers are some of the people who are most susceptible to workaholism. The risks to the health of the workaholic are not just about stress, although obviously this is a considerable one. Because they are apt not to take regular breaks from work to eat or drink, they can be prone to dehydration, mouth ulcers, halitosis and gastric problems, as well as suffering from frequent headaches. In the worst cases, they can find themselves extremely isolated, almost reclusive, and can often find themselves candidates for anxiety and depression. Of course work is important, but if you are finding that it is an all-consuming obsession which is affecting your ability to lead a normal, functional and well-rounded life, and if it is interfering in your personal relationships, then maybe it is time to seek some help. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: