The children swimming circle survey 65% of the thickness of unqualified harmful plasticizer exceed t

The children swimming circle survey: 65% of the thickness of unqualified harmful plasticizer exceed the standard of Quality Supervision Bureau of Guizhou province public news, the Bureau commissioned in Guizhou province product quality supervision and Inspection Institute found that the quality monitoring process to carry out swimming ring: consumers will always swim ring function is equivalent to the life circle, this is a misunderstanding. Swim ring buoy is not equal to the national standard "China toy safety", the swimming ring is defined as water toys, and industry standard "requirements" inflatable toy safety regulations: water products should be printed in a prominent position on the security label. Note: Note: non life saving equipment, only for use in shallow water under adult supervision". Guizhou quality supervision and Inspection Institute of testing personnel from the market and electricity supplier channels extracted 20 swimming laps were identified one by one, found that only 5 swimming circle logo meets the standard requirements. The thickness of 65% swimming ring material unqualified plasticizer is an important safety swimming ring exceed the standard detection staff to swim ring safety and release of toxic and harmful substances whether the target was detected, the two indicators of the two projects the corresponding soft PVC film thickness and phthalic acid ester plasticizer content of two is not optimistic. Guizhou province product quality supervision and Inspection Institute testing staff told reporters, found in the test, children’s swimming laps the thinnest thickness of only 0.17 mm, compared with the standard requirements of about 0.25 mm difference of about 30%. Detection of 20 batches of swimming laps were detected, the thickness of the ring does not meet the requirements of 13 batches, the failure rate of up to 65%. Subsequently, testing personnel to calculate the plasticizer content of each sample. Found six of 13 samples in total content of the plasticizer exceeded the standard value of the provisions of 20 samples. These 13 samples, there are more than a hundred times more than the standard value of the 7 samples, the maximum value of the standard value of the standard of 377 times. Swim ring hazards according to exceed the standard plasticizer, plasticizer molecular structure similar to the hormone, enter the organism will form pseudo hormones, transmit pseudo chemical signals, and the effects of hormones in the body, the original mechanism and interfere with the body’s endocrine. Experts told reporters, before the exposure of the plasticizer is added to the plasticizer in food, so people for skin contact with plastic plasticizer exceed the standard problem is not concerned, but in fact, the harm of plasticizer by skin contact into the body brings the same can not be ignored. Union Hospital Department of Endocrinology experts Wu Xueyan said that the steroid hormones have fat soluble characteristics, it is easy to be absorbed by subcutaneous fat. In the summer, the area of contact is relatively large, in fact, with the effect of eating the same, but is a change in the way of absorption. The cost factor is the national standard swimming ring quality problem cause 2014 commission to develop a "national toy safety standard", the mandatory standards in accordance with the existing provisions, put forward the strict limit requirements of children’s toys 6 adjacent benzene two formic acid ester plasticizer. However, from the current situation, this standard for children’s swimming ring production constraints are not fully reflected. National Toy Standardization Technical Committee Secretary General Zhang Yanfen introduced: "the national standard in the limit of six plasticizer price relative to the new plastic agent to be much cheaper, bag check相关的主题文章: