The central enterprises to compete in the real estate industry chain layout was to get rid of the cu-sugus

The central enterprises to compete in the real estate industry chain layout was to get rid of the curse of the original title: real estate profits of central enterprises compete in diversification: to get rid of the profit decline spell? Newspaper reporter Tang Shaokui Shanghai reported in the current tide of diversification in housing prices, the central enterprises in the layout of the industry chain is more obvious, which is inseparable from its financial, platform resources advantages. John million think tank research department director Zhang Huadong pointed out that the central rate of real estate diversification will generally industrial base layout based on the features of industry in the enterprise more compliance, such as China Railway Group, Gezhouba Dam group’s Real Estate Company tend to PPP project layout. Zhang Huadong believes that the 16 central enterprises have their own real estate industry characteristics, so in this round of transformation tide, perhaps to achieve the two venture". At present, the real estate market is still in the transition period, more dependent on capital investment, and the advantages of financial resources, perhaps for this kind of housing prices to provide more opportunities for multiple layout." A central rate of real estate executives on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said that the central enterprises in the past is relatively conservative, for the real estate industry profits decline in recent years, had to take the initiative to change the mentality, central rate of real estate industry chain layout prototype early. For example, Poly Real estate has been in business, consumption, pension and other fields have substantive action further; Chinese Jinmao completed in 2015 changed its name, brand upgrade, to the development of city operators; Gezhouba Dam group for PPP project layout etc.. When the new regulatory cycle, the real estate market environment changes, high growth, high profit advantage no longer exists, the transition is an inevitable trend. Combined with the fact that the business group, the real estate industry is no longer the original profit advantage. In the SWS industry classification of the 28 industries, the real estate industry in 2015 gross margin, net profit margin and net assets yield were ranked sixth, 7, and the 8, compared with the year 2014, 2, 4, a significant decline. Central rate of real estate is no exception, such as China Jinmao 2015 net profit fell 28%. The Chinese Jinmao as early as a few years ago began to diversify layout. The first three quarters of this year, China Jinmao has achieved 32 billion 238 million sales performance, can be said to be the strategic deployment of city operators and "double wings" achieved initial results. The China diversificationdevelopment Jinmao smoothly, it is precisely because of its establishment in the transformation of the group’s industrial advantages. Zhang Huadong analysis, the group’s land bank in various parts of the revitalize, the need for a city operator perspective. Gezhouba Dam real estate recently involved in the PPP project, but also with the Gezhouba Dam group’s engineering infrastructure projects are inseparable. It is not difficult to see, in the process of restructuring and seeking new profit growth in the space, the central enterprises and private enterprises seem to start a new shuffle game. From the transformation of the direction of view, most of the real estate enterprises will also be central to the transformation of the popular industry, such as health, finance, the Internet, etc.. For example, Poly Real estate not only open up overseas markets, but also to build a trinity pension model, and actively participate in the transformation of villages. Overall, the real estate enterprises to diversify the layout of the central pension, tourism, logistics and other industrial real estate; to the financial industry transformation; to the emerging theory相关的主题文章: